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What is the atrial kick?
What causes a lack of an atrial kick?
Motion that kicks out the additional 1/3.
Atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation
What is an ectopic beat?
Any beat outside the normal rhythm
What is a PAC?
Standards of PAC seen in ECG strip?
A beat that happens before the next expected beat
Must be:
-looks different than norm rhythm
-pause before the next beat
What is the clear difference between PACs and PVCs despite their locations?
PVCs do not need to reset themselves and thus will have no pause
What is used diagnostically and may convert the rhythm of PSVT?
What are the characteristics of Atrial Fibrillation?
No identifiable P waves w/ irregular R-R intervals
Cont-<100, Uncont->100
Adenosine, used to treat PSVT, needs to be given how and what signs and symptoms are expected following administeration?
Slam it in, follow with flush
Brief period of asystole expected
Nausea and vomiting will probably occur
What is the standard atrial rate in Atrial Flutter?
be suspicious if atrial rate doubles ventricular rate
What is one method used to treat new atrial fibrillation?
What is unique about Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia?
P waves appear different due to rhythms rom atria arising from different areas
In ALL heart blocks, P-P is what? and R-R is what?
R-R=regular or irregular
Problem is that the impulse from the SA node is not transmitting. Problem is usually the AV node
What is the characteristic of Second Degree AV Block Type I?
Progressive lengthening of the PR interval until you drop a QRS complex
What is the characteristic of Second Degree AV Block Type II?
More than 1 P wave for each QRS but P's are consistent ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE STRIP
When the ventricle response during Second-Degree AV Block Type II is too slow, what happens?
Can progress to Third Degree AV Block
What is the characteristic of Third-Degree AV Block?
There is no relation between the P's and QRS' and the interval is inconsistent
What do you do with the pacemaker when the patient's HR is competing with the pacemaker itself?
Turn the Pacemaker off
What feeds the myocardium during diastole?
Coronary Arteries-
Right Coronary, Left Anterior Descedingn, Circumflex
Name some of the main signs and symptoms of CAD
PND, Dyspnea, edema, palpitation, cough, cyanosis
What ECG leads correlate to the status of the Right Coronary Artery?
2, 3, aVF
Inferior Portion of the Heart
What ECG leads correlate to the Left Anterior Descending Artery?
aVL, 1, 2, 3
What ECG leads correlate to the status of the Circumflex artery?
aVL, 1, 4, 5, 6
Lateral wall of the heart
Q waves indicate what?
Myocardial necrosis
Low dose dopamine does what to the heart when given up to 8mcg?
increases contractility and renal perfusion
What does a dicrotic notch indicate?
Increase in aortic pressure
What can high SvO2 indicate?
what can low SvO2 indicate?
cardiogenic shock
What is the DOC for ventricular tachycardia?
What is the drug therapy for atrial flutter?
olol, dipines, THEN class 1 antidysrhythmic agent(quinidine) or amiodarone
What is the DOC for second degree AV block, type II?
What is the DOC for SVT?
What is the DOC for sinus bradycardia?
What does troponin indicate?
myocardial damage
What is the most sensitive indicator of an MI?
CK-MB- normal level 24-195 but can only be detected 4-8hours after infarct
What lab is the quickest indicator of an MI?
MB2/MB1 and can be detected as early as an hour following the initial infarct
What medications are used to increase the force of myocardial contraction and improve cardiac output?
Inotropes!- dopamine(low dose vasodilates, high dose vasoconstricts), dobutamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and levophed(doesn't cause tachycardia)