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4 most numerous livestock species from most numerous to least numerous
chickens, cattle, sheep, and swine
correlation between % of population working in agriculture and standard of living
lower % of agricultural workers = higher standard of living
____ are the most important source of energy in world diets
cereal grains
two main reasons that meat is important nutritionally
1) assortment of amino acids matches human body the closest
2) meat provides B12 in the diet
two most important ruminant animals
cattle and sheep
What five other main areas do animals contribute to?
clothing, other nonfood products, work, companionship, and recreation
country with the largest cattle population
country with the most beef production
United States
cattle producer that raises the calf from birth to 6-10 months
cow-calf operation
cattle operator that raises the calf to 600-850 lbs primarily on roughage
stocker-yearling operation
cattle operator that finishes the cattle to a slaughter weight
feedlot operator
two kinds of cow-calf producers
commercial producers and seedstock breeders
two basic types of cattle-feeding operations
commercial and farmer feeders
What change has occurred in the US dairy industry over the past few decades?
a decrease in cows with an increase in per cow milk production
horse production generally has ____ since the 1960's
fluctuated up and down
the fastest growing source of meat for humans
Where is the poultry industry primarily located in the US?
southeastern region
two types of sheep-production
farm-flock and range-flock
Where is swine production heavily concentrated in the US?
the Corn Belt
four primary types of swine production
feeder-pig production, feeder-pig finishing, seedstock operations, and farrow-to-finish
Mississippi's largest livestock industry
best aspect of aquaculture farming
low feed conversion ratio