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The Importance of the Nile River
Flows from south to north starting at lake Victoria and empties into the Medditerranean Sea
The Gift of Eygpt
Most Eygptians lived along the Nile in the delta (rich farm land in a triangle shape) by the rivers
Nile Delta
Delta known as "Black Land" and the desert "Red Land-
is the worlds largest desert with Hot and dry climate- Foru fifths coverd by rocks, stones , gravel, and shrubs
gives silt (riched soil mixed with water) and water also a super highway for transporting goods
Source of innovation
Used the stars (Astronomy) and developed a clendar
Source of innovation
Had to build irrigation canals when dry and dams to control flood water
Source of Relegion
Made goods to explain nature
Unity for the egyptians
lower eygpt is in the north
Upper eygpt is in the south
Upper and lower egypt
Ancient legend says Menes united upper and lower eygpt around 3100 B.C. (could have been Narmer)
established the first dynasty (ruling family) 30 dynasty Established capitals at Memphis (South or Cairio)
Pharaoh (Great House) is the ruler or God-King
All oveyed him because their well being depended on it
Protected the people from invaders and with officials collected taxes over saw buildeding projects and made sur laws were obeyed