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Where are corticosteroids synthesized?
Adrenal cortex makes well over two doz. steroid hormones called corticosteroids.
Where are steroid hormones stored.
Unlike the AA hormones which are stored in the cell, s9 their rate of release in response to stimulation depends on their rate of synthesis.
What is the essential function of mineralcorticoids?
Regulation of the electrolyte concentrations in extracellualr fluid.
What is the most potent and most produced mineralcorticoid
Aldosterone- job is to maintain sodium ion balance. Triggered by the renin angiotensin mechanism, elevated K or low NA blood levels, ACTH(adrenocorticotropic hormone)
What is the primary cause of Addison's Disease
hyposecretion mineralcorticoid (aldosterone) and glucocorticoids
Signs and Symptoms of Addison's disease
weight lose
plasma glucose levels drop
NA levels drop
K levels rise.
Severe dehydration
Therapy for addison's disease?
Corticosteroid replacement therapy
Glucocorticoids what is their role?
Influence the metabolism of most body cells and help us resist stressors
Glucocortocoid. Stimulated by
ACTH. promotes gluconeogenesis and hyperglycemia. mobilize fats for energy metabolism, stimulate protein catabolism, assist body to resist stressors, DEPRESS inflammatory and immune response.
Cushings disease
Cause may be a ACTH-releasing pituitary tumor. ACTH-releasing malignacny of the lungs, pancreas or kidneys or tumor in adrenal cortex. MOST COMMON CAUSE IS CORTICOSTEROID USE.
Increase in aldosterone, Increase in cortisol.
S/S cushings disese
dramatic loss of muscle and bone protein, excess hair,
HTN and edema caused by
water and salt retention.
See a moon face, redistrubution of fat to abdomen, buffalo hump
tendancy to bruise and poor healing.
Treatment for Cushings
Removal of the cause ie tumor or discontinue the drug. Once steroid use is stopped S/S should disappear.