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What ADP/ADRP covers Special Operations?
What factors determine the employment of special operations forces?
National Policy
Geographic combatant commander requirements
Joint force commander requirements
Ambassador requirements
The character of the operational environment
The nature of the threat
What are the special operations core principals?
Scalable operations
What are the 12 Special Operations Forces imperatives?
Understand the operational environment
Recognize political implications
Facilitate military and interagency activities
Engage the threat discriminately
Anticipate long term effects
Ensure legitimacy and credibility
Anticipate and control psychological effects
Operate with and through others
Develop multiple options
Support long term engagement
Provide sufficient intelligence
Balance security and synchronization
What will increase the effectiveness of shaping activities and improve execution of counter terrorism and irregular warfare?
Interdependence between special operations forces and conventional forces
What critical capabilities represent the core of America's unique Army special operations capabilities?
Special warfare
Surgical strike