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Dating scripts
the cognitive models that guide dating interactions, are still highly influenced by gender
Proactive Script
(male script)includes initiaing the date, deciding where they will go, controlling the public domain, and iniating sexual contact
Reactive script
focuses on the private domain responding to the male's gesture in the domain, and responding to his sexual initiatives
is intimacy alone, without passion or commitment
passion alone, without intimacy or commitment
Empty Love
commitment alone, without passion or intimacy
Romantic Love
combines passion & intimacy but no commitment
Companionate Love
combines intimacy & commitment but without passion
Fatous Love
(sill or foolish love) passion commitment without intimacy
Consensual Validation
people like to find others in an agreement, or consensus, with their own characteristics
Brown's model of adolescent love (phases)
iniation phase, status phase, affection phase, and bonding phase
Initation Phase
in early adolescence when the first tentative explorations of raomantic interests begin
Status Phase
adolescents begin to gain confidence in their skills at interacting with potential romantic partners, and they begin to form their first romantic relationships
Affection Phase
adolescents come to know each other better and express deeper feelings for each other, as well, as engaging in more extensive sexual activity
Bonding Phase
the romantic relationship becomes enduring serious, and partners begin to discuss the possibility of life long commitment to each other
living with a romantic partner outside marriage
biological sexual development as well as sexual values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and behavior
Restrictive Cultures
cultures that place strong prohibitions on sexual activity before marriage
Semirestrictive Cultures
cultures that have prohibitions on premartial adolescent sex, but the prohibitions are not strongly enfoced and are easily evaded
Permissive Cultures
cultures that encourage and expect sexual activity from their adolescents
Sexual Scripts
cognitive frameworks, often different for males & females for understanding how a sexual experience is supposed to proceed & how sexual experiences are to be interpreted
Date Rape
when a person, usually a women is forced by a romantic partner date, or aquaintance to have sexual relations agianst their will
fear of homosexuals
Coming out
a person reconignizing his/her own sexual identity & disclosing the truth to friends, family, and others.
Parental Notification
parents were require to notify their parent before having an abortion
Parental Consent
adolescents were required to obtain their parents perimission to have an abortion
meaning shows no symptom of disease
Latency Period
a period common with STD's, between the time a person is infected with a disease and the time the symptoms apear
Comprehensive Sexualility Education
advocating sex education programs beging at an early age that include detailed information on sexual development and sexual behavior with easy acess to contraception for adolescents who choose to become sexually active
Abstincy Plus Programs
encouraging adolescents to delay intercourse while also providing contraceptive information for adolescents who nevertheless choose to have sex