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What happens as boys and girls advance thru puberty?
-boys have improved moods
-girls feel less attractive
Adolescent turmoil
-kids attempt to separate psychologically from parents and be more individualistic
-personal identity should be formed now
Borderline personality disorder
When a person cant define a solid identity
How did Erikson view adolescence?
as a time of identity crisis
Identity Achievement
When a person has an identity crisis and comes out of it with a clear and consistent personality
Identity Diffusion
-When neither a crisis nor an identity commitment has occurred
-this is the worst possible scenario
-leads to borderline personality disorder
-A crisis is currently being experienced but no commitment has occured yet
-person is rebellious and nonconforming
Identity Foreclosure
commitment has been made without a crisis, often via accepting parental values
How are adolescents able to view their self-concept?
-can rate their percieved adequacy in multiple domains
-they begin to define themselves in increasingly abstract terms (honest, compassionate)
What is the avg age that both boys and girls have their first sexual experience?
What factors lead to sexual orientation?
-prenatal hormone patterns
Homosexual contacts
-most frequent before age 15
-dont necessarily person will identify themselves as homosexual
How do adolescents view morality?
View rules as somewhat flexible and realize that they are in place bc they are what is best for society
What major cognitive changes occur in this period?
-brain growth spurt corresponds to advances in abstract thinking
-higher capacity for working memory
-metacognitive skills(thinking about thinking)
Eating disorder risk factors
-early puberty
-poor body image
-family pressure
Anorexia risk factors
-controlling mother
-emotionally distant father
Bullimia risk factors
-disengaged parenting
-impulsivity/substance abuse
What are the symptoms or depression?
-irratable mood/flatness
-social impairement
-insomnia/loss of apetite
-neg thoughts about self, the world, the future
What causes teens to be so moody?
-inc neg life events
-heightened stress reactivity due to changes in NT activity
How do adolescents cope?
-use avoidant coping strategies like sleeping or drinking alcohol
What role should the PCP play in monitoring mental health?
-always ask both kid and parents about kid's mental health status
-be able to set up counseling/treatment if necessary