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By the end end of puberty, what percentage of adolescents would have reached their full adult height?
What is Erickson's [ers[ective in adolescence?
idnetity vs role role confusion
What are the goals of Erickson?
Identity Formation vs Role confusion
What is another outcome of teen years?
feidelity to a value system
What cognitive development stage are adolescents in?
Formal operations
What is occuring during formal opportations?
solve problems systematically
What is social referencing for teens?
achieve popularity with peer group
What are the relationships most important to adolescents?
people outside of the home
What is Frued's explanation of adolescents?
most tumulteous one for any individual, reignited early childhood sexual impulse toward parent of opposite sex- transfer those feeling to peer group
resolution: when the person finds a mate
What helps the homosexual teen?
good counseling and supportive peer group