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Since ADO really talks to the OLE DB layer, we can get any information on the underlying data source from the OLE DB provider. This can be done by using what?
By using the OpenSchema method of our connection object.
If a transaction was used what object would you use to accept or reject changes made during the transaction?
Connection Object
With a connection object you can get information about your database setup with what method?
OpenSchema method
A __ issued accross a established ___ manipulates data scources in some way?
If you need to find out the state of the connection, you can easily check the .State property against what constants?
What does each field in a data scource contain?
1) Name
2) Data type
3) Value (actual data)
What does a Keyset cursor allow?
Behaves like a dynamic cursor except that it prevents you from seeing records that other users add, and prevents access to records that other users delete.
A row of a Recordset consists on one or more ____?
What method would we use to get information about the database such as rows columns etc?
The connection objects OpenSchema(constant) method.
Access from your application to a data source is through a ___ ?
Use a _____ to query a database and return records in a recordset object, to execute a bulk operation, or to manipulate the structure of the database.
Command Object
The Command object has what kind of collection?
How would you find out if a database connection has been made?
The connection state method. Connection.state = adStateOpen.
The _ is the primary means of examining and modifying data in rows?
What are the steps involved in executing a command?
1) Give the Command a name
2 Set the Command 's Active Connection property to the connection
3)Issue a statement as if the the command name where a method on the Connection object followed by any parameters, followed by a recordset object if any rows are returned.
Set the Recordsets properties to customize the resulting Recordset.
What deliminates the beginning and end of data access opertions the transpire over a accross a connection?
What property of the Fields object would you use to return the size of a field that was set up for a database?
Defined Size
Each ADO object has a unique set of ___ that either describe or control the behavior of the object?
With the Command object you can associate and open connection with a Command object with what?
The Command objects ActiveConnection property.
The Recordset has what kind of collection?
When you execute a command in what situations MUST you use a command object?
1) If you want to persist the command text and re-execute it latter.
2) Or if you want to use query parameters
What are the two type of properties?
1) Built In (part of ado)
2) Dynamic (added to the ADO objects properties by the underlying data provider)
What does a Dynamic cursor allow?
Allows you to view additions. changes, and deletions by other users and allows all types of movements through a recordset.
The Connection, Command & Recordset, and Fields objects all have what collection?
What ADO object supports cursor types?
Recordset Object
What functions can Commands perform?
adds data
deletes data
updates data
retrieves data
The main way ADO opens a connection is though what method?
What are the four collection types in ADO?
1) Errors
2) Parameters
3) Fields
4) Properties
Behaves like a Dynamic cursor except that it only allows you to scroll forward through the records.
Forward Only
The Connection object has what collection?
A _ object represents a column of data with a common data type.
What ADO objets have a Properties collection?
1) Connection
2) Command
3) Recordset
4) Fields
What property of the Field object do you use to set or return data for a current record?
Value property
Often, Commands require variable parts or ___ that can be altered before you issue the command?
With the Connection object you can carry out a command with what method?
What are the two families of events?
What cursor type is best when you need to make only a single pass through a recordset?
Forward-only cursor
What are events in ADO?
They are notifications that certain operations are about to occur or have already occured.
The three method that can return a recordset are what?
What is OLE DB designed to do?
It is designed to provide universal access to several relational and non-relational data sources.
With a Field object you can return the basic characteristics of a Field object with what properties?
1) Type
2) Precision
3) NumericScale
What can you check to see if a connection to a data source was successful?
You could check the State property of the connection object. State will return adStateOpen if the connection is open and adStateClosed if it isn't.
The only cursor type that is allowed when you open a client side (ADOR)Recordset object.
Static cursor
What parameters can we use with the method?
What is the syntax?
adoRecordset.Open Source, ActiveConnection, CursorType, LockType, Options
The bundle of technologies that make up UDA consist of what?
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Remote Data Services, (RDS, formerly known as Advanced Database Connector or ADC), OLE DB, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
In what are the optional categories?
When you start a new app using ADO you must add a reference to what?
ActiveX Data Objects 2.0 Library
In ADO all the objects can be created independently except for which objects?
The Error and Field objects because they are dependent on the Connection and Recordset objects respectively
To use a disconnected recordset what must you do?
1)Define the CursorLocation = adUseClient before opening the recordset
2)Open - Build - Disconnect from the recordset
These are useful or even necessary when you need to make several changes at once.