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egocentric- barometric
why do i always have a pimple
sophistication- barometric
you are not really the same as others, not as smart
ethnic identity
parents need to socialize the kids in settings different so they can adjust
ethnic identity- assimilation
easy for europeans
ethnic identity- marginality
doing own thing in society
key to resolving identity v. identity diffusion
lies in the ado. interactions with others

make a series of narrowing selections of personal.
neg. identity
sign that problems in identity development have arrisen.
social context
the adolescent attempts to establish a sense of identity exerts a tremendous immpact on the nature and outcome of the process. the adolescents identities are forged out or fecognition on the part of society,
ethnic identity
important task of late adolescence, perhaps as important as establishing a coherent occupational, ideological, or interpersonal identity
higher order thinking
students are encouraged to interpret, analyze and evaluate info
social redefinition
recognition that the individuals status has changed
not preparing for roles they'll face as adults. 40% taking general rather that college prep
failing acheivment test
graduating with deficet in higher order abilities and academic skills and knowledge

wanted place emphasis on higher order thinking in late 90's