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Admendment 11
You can not live in one state and sue the goverment of another state in federal court.
Admendment 12
The electoral college votes for the president and vice president seperatly.
Admendment 13
Slavery is illegal.
Admendment 14
equal protection under the law
Admendment 15
All men can vote.
Admendment 16
Congress can allow an income tax.
Admendment 17
This allows us to elect our Senators.
Admendment 18
Outlaws alcohol.
Admendment 19
Grants women the right to vote.
Admendment 20
Moves the date of inauguration.
Admendment 21
Repeals 18.
Admendment 22
Limits the presidents terms.
Admendment 23
DC has electoral votes
Admendment 24
Bans poll tax.
Admendment 25
Establishes president sucession
Admendment 26
Lowers voting age to 18.
Admendment 27
Limits the Congress's wage raises.