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adjustment disorder
-short term maladaptive response
-linked to a stressful incident
what are the diagnostic features of adjustment disorder?
-emotional or behavioral symptoms in response to a stressor
-symptoms within 3 months of stressor
-patients rxn is excessive
what is the etiology of adjustment disorder?
-stressor is identified and non catastrophic
-event can happen to an individual or a group
what type of people are susceptible to adjustment disorders?
-people who dont cope well
-those who stress easily
how do we treat adjustment disorder?
-psychotherapy (stress management, relaxation)
-drug therapy for accute symptoms
what is the prognosis for those who have adjustment disorder?
-very good
in what 3 ways does adjustment disorder differ from PTSD and accute stress disorder?
-type and severity of stressor (less severe than other 2)
-time span btw stressor and symptoms
-severity of emotional symptoms
how does adjustment disorder with depressed mood differ from bereavement?
-bereavement is a normal depressed reaction to the loss of a loved one
what are some risk factors for complicated bereavement?
-multiple losses
-absence of support
-feeling that loss was preventable
-bad coping skills
what are the two criteria for diagnosing "psychological factors affecting medical condition?"
-person must have a medical condition
-a psychological factor must be adversely influencing the medical condition
what type of personality can worsen hypertension?
-people with inhibited rage are susceptible
what type of personality can make people more prone to migraines?
-excessive self demands
what type of personality can make people more prone to tension headaches?
how is psychological factors influencing medical condition different than somatoform disorder?
-in somatoform disorder the person thinks there is an actual medical condition when there is not