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In Spanish, most adjectives change form, depending on whether they're masculine or feminine:
- the tall boy
- the tall girl
- él chico alto
- la chica alta
Adjectives also change form if the word they modify is singular or plural:
- the tall boys
- the tall girls
- los chicos altos
- las chicas altas
Adjectives that end in -e do not, however, change form for masculine or feminine:
- the intelligent girl
- the intelligent boy
- la chica inteligente
- él chico inteligente
Most adjectives that end in a consonant do change form for singular or plural, but do not change for masculine or feminine:
- the popular boy
- the popular girl
- él chico popular
- la chica popular
To change an adjective ending in a consonant to plural add -es:
- the popular girls
- the popular boys
- las chicas populares
- los chicos populares
Many adjectives of nationality end in -o.
- Mexico
- Mexicos
Adjectives that are descriptive usually follow the noun they describe:
- the tall boy
- the tall girl
- the small books
- the red pen
- el chico alto
- la chica alta
- los libros pequeños
- las plumas rojas
Adjectives of quantity almost always come before the noun.
- pocos libros
- mucha energía
- mucho trabajo
- pocas casas
Sometimes, a descriptive adjective can precede the noun. If the adjective is descriptive, but speaks of a quality that is inherent and usually taken for granted, the adjective comes first.
- the white snow
- the tall peaks
- la blanca nieve
- los altos picos