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What does Newtons Third Law of Motion State?
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".
What is know as Torque Effect?
Tendancy for the fuselage to rotate?
What happens when the helicopter moves forward?
Relative wind over each blade becomes a combination of the rotor speed and forward movement.
What is dissymmetery of lift?
The lift difference existing between the advancing blade half of the disk and the retreating blade half.
What becomes the combined speed of the blade speed and helicopter speed?
The advancing blade
What is the retreating blade speed while on the opposite side?
The blade speed minus the speed of the helicopter.
What could cause a helicopter to roll?
During forward flight, lift over the advancing blade of the rotor disk is greater than the retreating half.
What is one method of equalizing the lift?
Through Blade Flapping
What permits the Blade to move vertically?
Blades attached to thr rotor hub by horizontal hinges.
What does Blade Flapping create?
An un balanced condition, resulting in vibration.
What is known as an Articulated Rotor?
A main rotor that permits individual plane.
What is Coning?
The upward bending of the rotor blades caused by lift and centrifugal forces.