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The Ride of the Valkyries is taken from an ________?
When did Verdi live?
What two things did Wagner feel should be united? What did he do?
music, drama; referred to works as music dramas
Where was Mussorgsky born?
Karevo, Russia
What is a Gesamtkunstwerk?
Wagner's idea that all media of a production should be unified
Who convinced Mussorgsky to join the The Mighty Five?
Aleksandr Dargomyzhsky
Wagner was a leading representative of what school?
New German School
Discuss the plot of Il Trovatore.
love story Leonora (princess of Aragon) and Manrico (troubadour) + Count of Luna
Where was Wagner born?
Leipzing, Germany
Where was Mussorgsky educated?
St. Petersburg Conservatory - military
What is Wagner's greatest masterpiece? How long is it?
The Ring Cyle; 16 hrs long
Until ___, Italy was under the control of _____.
1861, Austria
When did Wagner live?
Whose and what are the "years in the galleys"?
Verdi's successful years
What was Mussorgsky's first important orchestral work?
St. John's Night on Bare Mountain (symphonic poem)
Where was Verdi's first opera performed?
La Scala in Milan
What happened to Mussorgsky is 1861?
liberation of serfs, made his family (landowners) poor, took govt job, began drinking
What was Verdi's slogan? Why?
Vitorio Emanuele Re D'Italia - a king to unite Italy;
Verdi supported Italian independence
Wagner's The Ring Cycle is based on _____ .
Nibelunglied (German epic poem, incorporationg Norse, Greek mythology)

When was the Anvil Chorus written? It was a part of ___.
1853; Il Trovatore - The Troubadour
What were Khovanschina, Sorochinsty Fair, and Pictures at an Exhibition?
historical opera; comedy; piana music suite
After failures, Verdi composed what successful opera? When?
Nabucco, 1842
When was Night on Bald Mountain written?
Contrast Wagner and Verdi.
Wagner - continuous songs
Verdi - separate piece (except Otello)
Does Night on Bald Mountain have a program?
Where was Verdi born?
Busseto, Italy
An 1859 visit to Moscow piqued whose interest in nationalist?
Who wrote the libretto of Il Trovatore?
Salvatore Cammarano
What was the result of Wagner's participation in the revolutions of 1848?
exile in switzerland
Verdi was refused from what school? When?
Milan Conservatory; age 18
What four music dramas comprise Wagner's ring cycle?
The Rhine Gold, The Valkyries, Siegfried, Twilight of the Gods
What instrument plays a significant part of the Anvil Chorus?
When did Wagner begin composing?
at age 17
What is the special effect instrument in Anvil Chorus?
Wagner admired what two writers?
Shakespeare, Goethe
Did Verdi gain international fame during his lifetime?
What was Wagner's first significant work? When was it performed?
symphony; 1832
Name two of Verdi's great works.
Rigolette. La Traviata
What does Night on Bald Mountain evoke?
supernatural and nationalism
Who were the Mighty Five?
leading Russian nationalist composers: Balakirev, Mussorgsky, Borodon, Cui, Rimsky-Korsakov
Mussorgsky's greatest work, the opera ___ is based on a ___?
Boris Gudnov; Puskin play
Who was the greatest composer in the history of Italian opera?
Giuseppe Verdi
In what other opera is Night on Bald Mountain inserted?
Sorochinsty Fair - dream sequence
When did Mussorgsky live?
What inspired Night on Bald Mountain?
witches sabbath scene, Gogl's story "St. John's Eve"
Describe Verdi's failures.
2nd opera (comedy) failed, then both children and wife died, which led to depression
How did Mussorgsky earn a living?
Imperial Guard officer, civil servant
Who was an influential Russian composer of 19th cent?
What were Wagner's controversial works?
Art and Revolution
The Artwork of the Future
Opera and Drama
What is the plot to the The Ride of the Valkyries?
find a ring made by Nibelung
Siegfried(mortal) takes ring from giant and wins Brunnelhide(leader of the valkyries)'s love
Who the greatest German composer of his time?