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what are the 6 kinds of therapuetic methods?
reinforcing, reducing, warming, clearing, ascending and descending.
when would you use the reinforciing method?
when you want to strengthen the body's resistance and the zangfu organs & replenish yin,yang,qi and blood. it is indicated w/ deficiency.
reinforcing kidney qi
ki3 taixi,ub 23 shenshu, cv 4 guanyuan
reinforcing kidney yin
ki6 zhouhai, ub 52
reinforcing kidney yang
cv 4 guanyuan, du4 mingmen--moxa to tonify yang.
reinforcing qi of the spleen and stomach
cv12, cv6 qihai, st36 zusanli
qi and blood deficiency
ub20 pishu, ub17 geshu,st36, sp6sanyinjiao
lung qi deficiency
when should the reinforcing method not be used?
when pathogenic factors are strong and excessive, or if the pathogenic factor is not completely eliminated or if def syndrome is associated with excess and strong pathogenic factor
when would you use the reducing method?
when you need to dispel the pathogenic factors and remove stagnation in order to restore the bodys resistance. in cases of excess.