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HT1 極泉 (极泉)

Jíquán = Summit Spring
Functions: (1)Unbinds chest (2)Activates channel & benefits arm (3)Nourishes Heart Yin (4)Clears Empty Heat

Indications: pain in costal & cardiac region, scrofula, cold pain of elbow/arm, dryness of throat
HT2 青靈 (青灵)

Qīnglíng = Green Spirit
Functions: (1)Activates Channel & alleviates pain

Indications: pain in cardiac & hypochondriac regions, shoulder/arm pain
HT3 少海

Shàohăi = Lesser Sea
Functions: (1)Calms spirit, transforms phlegm & clears Heat (2)Activates channel & benefits arm

Indications: cardiac pain, spasmodic pain/numbness of hand/arm, tremor of hand, scrofula, pain in axilla & hypochondriac region
HT4 靈道 (灵道)

Língdào = Spirit Path
Functions: (1)Calms spirit & benefits voice (2)Relaxes muscles and sinews

Indications: cardiac pain, spasmodic pain of elbow/arm, sudden loss of voice
HT5 通里

Tōnglĭ = Penetrating the Interior
Functions: (1)Calms spirit (2)Regulates Heart rhythm (3)Opens and Benefits tongue (4)Benefits Urinary Bladder (5)Activates channel & alleviates pain

Indications: palpitations, dizziness, blurred vision, sore throat, sudden loss of voice, aphasia with stiffness of tongue, pain in wrist/elbow
HT6 陰郄 (阴郄)

Yīnxī = Yin Cleft
Functions: (1)Regulates Heart Blood (2)Nourishes Heart Yin (3)Calms Spirit (4)Moderates acute conditions and acute pain (5)Clears Deficiency Fire & alleviates night sweating

Indications: cardiac pain, hysteria, night sweating, hemoptysis, epistaxis, sudden loss of voice
HT7 神門 (神门)

Shénmén = Spirit Gate
Functions: (1)Calms spirit (2)Nourishes Heart Blood (3)Regulates and tonifies Heart (4)Opens Heart Orifice

Indications: cardiac pain, irritability, palpitations, hysteria, amnesia, insomnia, mania, epilepsy, dementia, pain in hypochondriac region, feverish sensation in palm, yellowish sclera
HT8 少府

Shàofŭ = Lesser Palace
Functions: (1)Clears Heat from Heart and Small Intestine (2)Calms spirit (3)Regulates Heart Qi (4)Activates channel & alleviates pain

Indications: palpitations, pain in chest, spasmodic pain of little finger, feverish sensation in palm, enuresis, dysuria, pruritus of external genitals
HT9 少衝 (少冲)

Shàochōng = Lesser Rushing
Functions: (1)Revives consciousness (2)Clears Heat & benefits tongue, eyes, and throat (3)Regulates Heart Qi & calms spirit

Indications: palpitations, cardiac pain, pain of chest/hypochondriac regions, mania, febrile diseases, loss of consciousness