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ActionScript understands three types of numbers which are....
2.whole numbers
3.unsigned integers
When we write numbers in ActionScript we use.....
+ - and 456694
When we write numbers in ActionScript we use....
decimal notation
A whole number is.....
124.76 Whole number because it has fractional parts.
An integer is a number that....
doesn't have fractional parts. Since it is negative we know it can't be an unsigned integer.
Unsigned integer......
depends on how we use it. We generally use unsigned integers for things we can count.
When we use numbers in ActionScript we call them....
numeric literals
String are.....
a collection of characters surrounded by quotation marks. they can be anything that you type in from ur keyboard.
A string can be......
an entire book or a single characters
When we use strings in ActionScript we call them....
string literals.