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bitter, spicy, cold, toxic
Misc, TraPhleg-CouWh, Clinic-NoCateg
B.460 C.1030 Dr.165
lí lú 藜蘆

(1) Induces vomiting to treat wind-phlegm [Wind-stroke*, seizures, throat bi, d/t welling up of phlegm; Induces vomiting d/t ingestion of poisons]
(2) Kills parasites & stops itching [Scabies*, tinea, lice]

CTX: Extremely toxic: Debilitated, recent lost blood, pregnancy

lí(black) lú(reed) [for black layer or reedlike stalk]
Veratri nigri Radix et Rhizoma
veratrum root and rhizome
(1) Wind-stroke
(2) Scabies
bitter, spicy, warm, sl toxic
Misc, Topical, Clinic-NoCateg
B.1027 C.1055 Dr.160
shé chuáng zǐ 蛇床子

(1) Dries dampness, kills parasites, & stops itching [Topical: Weeping itchy skin lesion* esp genital area, scabies, tinea; Wash, powder, or ointment]
(2) Disperses cold, dispels wind, & dries dampness [Low back pain d/t WCD in KD DU*, vaginal discharge d/t cold-damp]
(3) Warms KD & fortifies yang [Impotence*, infertility - male or female]

CTX-Orally: DH in LJ, yin defic w/ heat

shé(snake's) chuáng(bed) zǐ(seeds)
Cnidii Fructus
cnidium seed
(1) Topical: Weeping itchy skin lesion
(2) Low back pain d/t WCD in KD DU
(3) Impotence