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(1) Wind-stroke
(2) Nodules
(3) HA
B.421 C.689 Dr.72
bái fù zǐ 白附子
(zhì bái fù zǐ)
(1) Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, expels wind, & stops spasms [Wind-stroke*, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, Bell's Palsy, migraine HA, d/t wind-phlegm affecting head; Very drying & moving]
(2) Relieves toxicity & dissipates nodules [Nodules* d/t phlegm & toxicity, scrofula, snakebite; Topical]
(3) Dries & expels wind-cold-damp, & stops pain & itching [HA*, migraine, d/t WCD bi - esp in upper body, eczema d/t damp]

CTX: Overdose > 5g d/t toxicity, pregnancy

bái(white) fù(appendage) zǐ(seeds)
Typhonii Rhizoma preparatum
prepared typhonium rhizome
spicy, sweet, warm, toxic
(1) Cough w/ copious thin sputum
(2) Phlegm nodules
B.423 C.691 Dr.72
bái jiè zǐ 白芥子

(1) Warms LU, regulates qi, & expels phlegm [Cough w/ copious thin sputum*, chest distention, pain, d/t cold-phlegm; Esp chronic dz]
(2) Moves qi, disperses clumps, unblocks collaterals, stops pain [Phlegm nodules*, aches & pain, yin flat abscesses, spreading sores, scrofula, d/t phlegm-damp obstr channels & collaterals]
(N) Can be used externally for encouraging yang to dissolve cold-phlegm

CTX: Chronic cough d/t LU defic, flaring fire d/t yin defic or d/t blazing ST fire, overdosage causes diarrhea; Caution: Can blister

bái(white) jiè(mustard) zǐ(seeds)
Sinapis Semen
white mustard seed
spicy, warm
(1) Cough w/ very copious phlegm
(2) Nausea & vomit
(3) Nodules
B.413 C.682 Dr.72
bàn xià 半夏
(zhì bàn xià)
(1) Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, & descends LUrebel qi [Cough w/ very copious phlegm*, d/t damp SP & cold phlegm in LU; Very drying herb]
(2) Directs ST rebel qi downward & stops vomiting [Nausea & vomit*, severe morning sickness; Harmonizes ST & stops vomiting, heat or cold, ST heat, ST defic, other causes]
(3) Dissipates nodules & reduces distension [Nodules*, phlegm nodules on neck, goiter, scrofula, pressure distention or pain in chest d/t phlegm; Phlegm obstr anywhere, abnormal growth in fatty tissue ]
(N) Raw is most toxic; ginger processed less toxic

Caution: Overdose, fresh is toxic, dry cough d/t yin defic, sore throat d/t fire excess, bleeding, pregnancy

bàn(half) xià(summer) [ie herb's harvest time]
Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum
pinellia rhizome
spicy, warm, toxic
(1) Cough
(2) Spasms
(3) Swelling d/t traumatic injury
B.418 C.685 Dr.70
tiān nán xīng 天南星
(zhì tiān nán xīng)
(1) Dries dampness & expels phlegm [Cough*, stifling chest, distention in chest, d/t stubborn phlegm]
(2) Disperses wind-phlegm & stops spasms [Spasms* esp in hands or feet, numbness in limbs, dizziness, vertigo, seizures, wind-stroke, facial paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, lockjaw]
(3) Reduces swelling & alleviates pain [Swelling d/t traumatic injury*, deep-rooted sores, ulcers, carbuncles, joint pain d/t phlegm, cervical cancer; Topical paste]

CTX: Dry cough d/t yin defic, stirring wind d/t heat or d/t blood defic, pregnancy

tiān(heaven) nán(south) xīng(star) ["star of southern heavens"]
Arisaematis Rhizoma preparatum
prepared arisaema rhizome
bitter, spicy, warm, toxic
(1) Cough & wheezing
(2) Vomiting
B.432 C.698 Dr.71
xuán fù huā 旋覆花

(1) Reduces phlegm & promotes dissipation of pathogenic water [Cough & wheezing*, d/t cold phlegm, or d/t phlegm-heat; Directs LU qi downward & expels phlegm]
(2) Redirects qi downward & stops vomiting [Vomiting*, hiccough, belching; Stops vomiting & calms ST rebellion; Wood attack earth, plumb-pit qi ]
(N) Every flower goes up except this [*Special: lots of tiny hairs so decoct in bag]
(N) Is under Hot Phlegm on ACTCM list [*ACTCM teachers verbally recategorize xuán fù huā for Cold ds, as does Bensky, although it may be combined with other herbs for both Cold and Hot ds]

CTX: Dry cough d/t yin defic, loose stools d/t debilitation

xuán(rotated) fù(upturned) huā(flower)
Inulae Flos
inula flower
bitter, spicy, sl warm
(1) Cough or wheezing w/ difficult copious sputum
(2) Sudden loss of consciousness
(3) Abscess
(4) Roundworms
B.426 C.693 Dr.70
zào jiá 皂莢
(zào jiǎo)
(1) Dispels phlegm [Cough or wheezing w/ difficult copious sputum*, phlegm nodules, d/t stubborn phlegm obstr downward LU qi]
(2) Opens orifices & revives spirit [Sudden loss of consciousness*, fainting, stroke, facial paralysis, seizures, d/t phlegm; Symptomatic tx only, must combine herbs ]
(3) Dissipates clumps & reduces swelling [Abscess*, boils, w/ difficulty discharging pus, or early stages; Option: Topical]
(4) Unblocks bowels & expels roundworms [Roundworms* w/ constipation & intest obstr; Suppository]
(N) Caution nausea & vomiting [*Does not combine well with other herbs; Not commonly used today]

CTX: Qi or yin defic, bleeding condition, pregnancy, elderly, overdosage causes severe diarrhea & vomit; use only for stubborn phlegm

zào(soap) jiá(pod)
Gleditsiae Fructus
Chinese Honeylocust fruit
spicy, warm, sl toxic