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spicy, hot
B.701 C.464 Dr.120
bì bá 篳茇

(1) Warms middle, disperses cold from ST & intestines, & alleviates pain [Acid regurgitation*, abdom pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, d/t cold causing qi stagn ]
(2) Applied as powder for toothache [Toothache]

CTX: Yin defic & heat

bì(wicker) bá(betel, which is from pepper family)
Piperis longi Fructus
Long Pepper Fruit
(1) Acid regurgitation
(2) Toothache
spicy, warm
WarmInt-ExpCold, Not in Clinic
B.699 C.465
bì chéng qié 篳澄茄

(1) Warms middle & stops pain [Epigastric & abdom cold & pain*, vomiting, belching, hiccough]
(2) Dispels cold qi from UB [Urinary dysfunction*, turbid urine, d/t lower jiao defic cold]

CTX: Yin defic & heat

bì(wicker) chéng qié(Litseae) [chéng by itself means pure, clear] [eggplant]
Litseae Fructus
cubeb fruit
(1) Epigastric & abdom cold & pain
(2) Urinary dysfunction
spicy, warm
B.695 C.461 Dr.119
dīng xiāng 丁香

(1) Warms MJ & directs rebellious qi downward [Vomiting*, hiccup, labdominal pain, lack of appetite, diarrhea, d/t ST cold or d/t SP ST defic cold]
(2) Warms KD & aids yang [Impotence*, clear vaginal discharge, infertility, w/ weakness in legs, d/t KD yang defic; Braxton-Hicks contractions]

CTX: Internal heat; Counteracted by Yu Jin

dīng(spike) xiāng(fragrance)
Caryophylli Flos
(1) Vomiting
(2) Impotence
spicy, hot, toxic
B.673 C.438 Dr.118
fù zǐ 附子
(zhì fù zǐ)
(1) Revives yang & rescues from rebellion [Diarrhea w/ undigested food*, chills, cold extrem, faint or imperceptable pulse; Devestated yang w/ abundant cold]
(2) Warms fire & assists yang [Diminished basic metabolic rate*, weak immunity, d/t weak defic HT SP or KD yang]
(3) Disperses cold, warms channels, & alleviates pain [Painful joints d/t WCD bi* esp w/ cold predominant, yin flat abscesses; Also for cold blocking organs, channels, sinews, bones, or blood vessels]
(N) Hottest in group, drug like, historically used for yang collapse [Severely sick, near death*; Very stimulating to nervous system, endocrine system; Herb is VERY STRONG, warms at primal aspect of body; Great also as helper herb]

CTX: Yin defic & abundant yang, true heat & false cold, pregnancy

fù(appendage) zǐ(seeds)
Aconiti Radix lateralis preparata
aconite root
(1) Diarrhea w/ undigested food
(2) Diminished basic metabolic rate
(3) Painful joints d/t WCD bi
(N) Severely sick, near death
spicy, hot
B.681 C.450 Dr.119
gān jiāng 乾薑

(1) Warms middle & expels cold [Diarrhea d/t SP ST defic*, epigast pain distention discomfort, belching, nausea]
(2) Rescues devastated yang & expels interior cold [Very weak pulse w/ cold limbs*; Warms & restores, not as strong as zhì fù zǐ]
(3) Warms LU & transforms thin mucus [Coughing thin watery or white sputum*, wheezing; Warms the SP & dries damp while scattering cold in LU]
(4) Warms channels & stops bleeding [Hemorrhage* of various types d/t cold from defic, uterine bleeding, ONLY IF bleeding is chronic & pale w/ cold limbs & ashen white face, soggy thin pulse]
(N) Helper for bi syndrome [*Great augmenting herb for defic-type Bi esp Cold-Damp Bi]

CTX: Int heat d/t yin defic, bleeding d/t heat in blood

gān(dried) jiāng(ginger, Zingiberis)
Zingiberis Rhizoma
dried ginger rhizome
(1) Diarrhea d/t SP ST defic
(2) Very weak pulse w/ cold limbs
(3) Coughing thin watery or white sputum
(4) Hemorrhage
spicy, hot
B.693 C.460 Dr.119
gāo liáng jiāng 高良薑

(1) Warms middle & alleviates pain [Epigastric & abdominal pain*, vomiting, hiccup, diarrhea, d/t MJ cold]

CTX: Heat d/t yin defic

gāo liáng(Gaoliang province, now Guangdong province) jiāng(ginger) ["ginger from Gaoliang"]
Alpiniae officinarum Rhizoma
(1) Epigastric & abdominal pain
spicy, hot
WarmInt-ExpCold, Not in Clinic
B.702 C.463
hú jiāo 胡椒

(1) Warms middle & disperses cold [Abdom pain*, diarrhea, vomiting]

CTX: Pregnancy

hú(barbarian) jiāo(pepper)
Piperis Fructus
(1) Abdom pain
spicy, hot, sl toxic
B.691 C.458 Dr.120
huā jiāo 花椒
(chuān jiāo)
(1) Warms MJ, disperses cold, & alleviates pain [Cold & pain in abdom*, vomiting, diarrhea, d/t SP ST cold from defic]
(2) Kills parasites & alleviates abdominal pain [Helper: Roundworms]

CTX: Blazing fire d/t yin defic; Caution: Pregnancy

huā(flowery) jiāo(pepper)
Zanthoxyli Pericarpium
Szechuan pepper
(1) Cold & pain in abdom
(2) Helper: Roundworms
spicy, sweet, hot
B.684 C.447 Dr.118
ròu guì 肉桂
(ròu guì pí)
(1) Fortifies KD & SP yang, warms HT yang, & fortifies yang [Low appetite, weak back, wheezing, chest bi*: SP KD yang defic: low appetite, diarrhea, abdom pain & cold; KD yang & Mingmen defic: weak back, low libido, impotence, aversion to cold, cold limbs, freq urine; KD not grasping qi: Wheezing; HT yang defic: chest bi, angina, brachycardia]
(2) Disperses deep cold, warms channels, unblocks channels & vessels, & alleviates pain [Amenorrhea*, dysmenorrhea, cold-damp Bi, sores or abscess that do not heal, yin-type boils = concave w/ clear fluid; Deep cold causing qi stagn or blood stasis]
(3) Leads fire back to its source [Flushed face with weak cold lower extrem*, wheezing, severe sweating "like oil", dry mouth, sore throat, diarrhea, low back pain, defic rootless pulse; = "False heat, true cold" or "heat above, cold below"]
(4) Encourages generation of qi & blood [Helper: Chronic defic qi & blood]

Caution: Blazing fire d/t yin defic, excessive heat in interior, pregnancy

ròu(meat, flesh) guì(Cinnamomi)
Cinnamomi Cortex
cinnamon bark
(1) Low appetite, weak back, wheezing, chest bi
(2) Amenorrhea
(3) Flushed face with weak cold lower extrem
(4) Helper: Chronic defic qi & blood
bitter, spicy, hot, sl toxic
B.687 C.452 Dr.119
wú zhū yú 吳茱萸

(1) Warms middle, disperses cold, promotes movement of qi, & alleviates pain [Pale tongue*, epigast pain w/ nausea, reduced taste, drooling, genital pain, dysmenorrhea, hernia, HA, d/t cold or phlegm in LV ST ]
(2) Redirects rebellious qi downward & stops vomiting [Acid regurg w/ vomiting]
(3) Warms SP, stops diarrhea, & expels cold-dampness [Diarrhea* d/t cold from SP KD defic, cold-damp leg qi]
(4) Leads fire downward [Sores of mouth & tongue*; External applic as powder w/ vinegar, smells like Cannabis flowers]
(N) Basically is a LV governing herb

CTX: Yin defic heat; Caution: long term use, is extremely drying

wú zhū yú(Evodiae)
Evodiae Fructus
evodia fruit
(1) Pale tongue
(2) Acid regurg w/ vomiting
(3) Diarrhea
(4) Sores of mouth & tongue
spicy, warm
B.697 C.466 Dr.118
xiǎo huí xiāng 小茴香

(1) Disperses cold, warms LV & KD, & stops pain [Low abdom/inguinal/genital pain d/t cold*, hernia, painful, swollen lymph nodes, cold infertility; Brings blood into lower abdomen/reproductive organs ]
(2) Regulates qi & harmonizes ST [Indigestion*, abdom pain, reduced appetite, vomiting, d/t ST cold]
(N) Very good antispasmodic for smooth muscle [*Great for children with colic, intestinal smooth muscle spasms, regulates peristalsis of intestines; Bedwetting, premature ejaculation (mild to moderate herb for); Great if ST feels a little off; Running piglet qi ]

CTX: Blazing fire d/t yin defic

xiǎo(small) huí(return) xiāng(fragrant) [rank odor disappears when added to fowl meat]
Foeniculi Fructus
fennel seeds
(1) Low abdom/inguinal/genital pain d/t cold
(2) Indigestion