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(1) WH or DH sores
(2) Vaginal fungal itch
B.197 C.188 Dr.37
bái xiān pí 白鮮皮

(1) Clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, expels wind, & dries dampness [WH or DH sores* w/ much pus or leaking yellow fluid, infected wounds, bites, chronic sinusitis, bi obstruction, helper for DH jaundice; Good at treating Bi in joints muscles flesh]
(2) Clears damp-heat & stops itching [Vaginal fungal itch*, severe skin itching, acne, rashes, fungus around scrotum or peritoneum, carbuncles ]

No noted CTX, does NOT stress ST SP

bái(white) xiān(fresh) pí(bark, skin)
Dictamni Cortex
dictamnus root bark
bitter, cold
ClHt-DryDamp, ClHt-Toxic
(1) Mild hot flashes
(2) Abdominal distention
(3) Dysentary
B.228 C.251 Dr.24
hú huáng lián 胡黃連

(1) Clears heat from deficiency [Mild hot flashes*, night sweats]
(2) Clears heat & reduces childhood nutritional impairment [Abdominal distention*, afternoon fevers, dysenteric diarrhea]
(3) Drains damp-heat [Dysentary*, sores; Is its tradtional use]
(N) Inexpensive substitute for huáng lián

Caution: Cold from SP ST defic

hú(barbarian) huáng(yellow) lián(links, successive)
Picrorhizae Rhizoma
picrorhiza rhizome
bitter, cold
ClHt-DryDamp, ClHt-Defic
(1) Thick yellow vaginal discharge
(2) Night sweats
(3) Damp skin lesions & sores
B.138 C.145 Dr.24
huáng bǎi 黃柏

(1) Drains damp-heat, particularly from LJ [Thick yellow vaginal discharge*, leukorrhea, UTIs, UB/KD infections, nonviral STDs, nephritis, pyelonephritis, orchitis, damp heat jaundice, hot leg qi]
(2) Drains KD fire w/ yin defic [Night sweats*, steaming bone dz, afternoon fevers & sweat, nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhea]
(3) Drains fire & resolves fire toxicity [Damp skin lesions & sores*, eczema, hot rashes, poison oak, chemical toxins; Best as topical applic]
(N) Helper [*Foul-smell diarrhea, dysenteric dz; Lowers HBP, has large amounts of Beriberi]

Caution: Cold from SP ST defic

huáng(yellow) bǎi(cedar cypress fir)
Phellodendri Cortex
phellodendron bark
bitter, cold
(1) Diarrhea
(2) High fever
(3) Blood in urine
(4) Red painful eyes
(+) Insomnia
B.134 C.141 Dr.23
huáng lián 黃連

(1) Clears heat & drains dampness (dh in ST intest) [Diarrhea*, dysenteric dz, vomiting, acid regurg d/t ST heat ]
(2) Drains fire & resolves fire toxicity [High fever*, disorientation, delirium, irritab, red eyes, sore throat, boils, carbuncles, abscess; All kinds of infect, STDs, UB KD, yeast, boils, acne, hot Bi in joints, int or ext]
(3) Clears heat & stops bleeding [Blood in urine*, in stool, in vomit, nosebleed; "reckless maurading" d/t hot blood]
(4) Clears heat topically [Red painful eyes*, ulcers of tongue & mouth; Damp-heat in wounds, conjunctivitis, anywhere]
(+) Clears HT heat [Insomnia*, irritability, restlessness]
(N) Misc [*Strong affinity for MJ, broad spectrum antibiotic, antifungal/amebic dysentery, TB, typhoid fever, scarlet fever; anti-inflammatory=ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease]

CTX: Arthritis except when major heat & inflam; Caution: Cold, yin or yang defic, defic SP ST

huáng(yellow) lián(links, successive)
Coptidis Rhizoma
coptis rhizome
bitter, cold
(1) UJ MJ LJ, Diarrhea
(2) High fever
(3) Vomit blood
(4) Fetus kicking & restless d/t heat
(5) Red eyes
B.131 C.137 Dr.23
huáng qín 黃芩

(1) Clears heat & dries dampness (damp heat) [UJ MJ LJ, Diarrhea*; UJ: Fever, stifling chest, thirst w/ inabil to drink; MJ: Diarrhea, dysentary ST Intest; LJ: Painful urinary dribbling, UTI (helper); Affinity UJ, anti-inflam to GI/Resp tracts, food poisoning, cholecystits, hepatitis, jaundice]
(2) Clears heat & resolves toxicity esp in UJ [High fever*, cough w/ thick yellow sputum, thirst, irritability, hot sores & swellings, bronchitis, sinus/ear/throat infection, acne ]
(3) Clears heat & stops bleeding [Vomit blood*, cough blood, nosebleed, bloody stool, d/t int exc heat causing chaotic blood]
(4) Clears heat & calms fetus [Fetus kicking & restless d/t heat]
(5) Sedates ascendant LV yang [Red eyes*, HA, irritability, flush face]
(N) Potent broad spectrum antibiotic, inhibits excessive peristalsis, antispasmodic, diuretic, lowers blood pressure

Caution: Cold from SP ST defic

huáng(yellow) qín(scutellaria)
Scutellariae Radix
scutellaria, baical skullcap root
bitter, cold
(1) Dysentery
(2) Skin lesions or infestations
(3) UTIs
B.144 C.150 Dr.25
kǔ shēn 苦參

(1) Clears heat & dries dampness (esp LJ damp heat) [Dysentery*, jaundice, problematic vaginal discharge, toxic sores]
(2) Disperses wind, kills parasites, & stops itching [Skin lesions or infestations* w/ chronic itching, seepage, bleeding, genital itching, vaginal discharge; Bacteria, fungi, yeast, parasites, jock itch, poison oak, flaky dandruff - wash-on ext applic]
(3) Clears heat & promotes urination [UTIs*, KD infect, hot edema, hot bi ]
(N) Great external antibiotic, anti-fungal

Caution: Cold from SP ST defic

kǔ(intensely bitter) shēn(root)
Sophorae flavescentis Radix
sophora root
bitter, cold
(1) Red swollen sore eyes & throat
(2) HA
B.141 C.148 Dr.22
lóng dǎn cǎo 龍膽草

(1) Drains damp-heat from LV & GB channels [Red swollen sore eyes & throat*, swollen painful ears, sudden deafness, jaundice, gential pain swelling, foul-smell vaginal discharge & itching; Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, cholecystitis]
(2) Drains & pacifies excessive LV fire [HA*, migraines, red eyes, fever, spasms, convulsions, flank pain]
(N) Is primary herb for draining fire from LV & GB

Caution: Cold from SP ST defic; weakens blood over time

lóng(dragon) dǎn(gallbladder) cǎo(herb)
Gentianae Radix
Chinese gentian root
bitter, cold
(1) Diarrhea
(2) Red swollen painful eyes
(3) Hot bi swollen joints
(4) Cough
B.146 C.226 Dr.25
qín pí 秦皮

(1) Clears heat, resolves toxicity, & dries dampness [Diarrhea*, dysentery, vaginal discharge, UTIs; Not used clinically much anymore for this]
(2) Drains/calms LV fire & benefits eyes [Red swollen painful eyes*, superficial visual obstruction]
(3) Disperses wind-dampness [Hot bi swollen joints*, arthritis; Good anti-inflam]
(4) Calms wheezing & stops coughs [Cough*, wheezing, d/t LU heat]

No noted CTX

qín(China's first dynasty) pí(bark, skin)
Fraxini Cortex
Korean ash bark
bitter, cold, astring