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End of "I Think I'm Going to Like it Here"
Where is everybody?
Warbucks carries two big suit cases onto center stage
Hello everybody.
Welcome home, Mr. Warbucks, how was your trip?
It's good to be home.
How was your flight from Chicago?
Not bad...only took eleven hours. Grace?
Yes, sir?
President Roosevelt phoned, he's awaiting your call at the White House.
I'll get back to him tomorrow.
(trying to introduce Annie to Warbucks) Mr. Warbucks...
All right, good to see you all again.
Drake, Dismiss the staff.
Yes, sir.
And, Grace, if you'll get your notebook... Who is that?
This is Annie, Mr. Warbucks: the orphan who will be with us for Christmas.
You're a girl. Orphans are boys.
I'm sorry you didn't specify a boy.
Well, I suppose she'll have to do (frowningly approaching Annie, accessing her) Annie, huh? Annie what?
Oh. I'm just Annie, Mr. Warbucks, sir. I haven't go any last name. I'm sorry i'm not a boy.
(obviously not meaning it) Not at all. I couldn't be happier. Grace, we'll start with the figures on the iron-ore shipments from...Toledo to... (made uncomfortable by the presence of Annie) What are we supposed to do with her?
Well, it is Annies' first night here so...
(noting) Then come to my clun for dinner and cigars.
Sir, your club is for men only.

And I don't smoke
Well, Annie, I guess we ought to do something special for your first night. Would you like to got to a movie?
Gosh, Mr. Warbucks, I've never been to one of those before!
Then you'll go to the Roxy. ANd then an ice-cream soda at Rumpelmayer's and a hansom cab ride around Central Park.
Grace, forget about he dictation for tonight. Instead, you take Annie to the movies.
Yes, sir.

Aw gee.
Something the matter, Annie?
It's just that... well... I thought you were going to take me.
Oh, no, I'm afraid i'll be far too busy tonight.
Aw, gee.
Now Annie... I've just been away for six weeks. ANd when a man is running a multi-billion-dollar corporation... (I can't just stop for a little girl)
Oh, sure. I know. That's okay, sir. I've never seen New York before, so I'm just as happy to stay here and watch you work.
You're telling me you live in New York City, and you haven't seen the place?
No, sir.
(regards Annie and is moved by her disappointment) Drake!
Ye, Sir?
Get our coats.
Aw, gee!
Grace, you'll come, too , of course.
Which car will you be wanting, sir?
This child has been cooped up in an orphanage long enough. (pointing up) We'll walk.
To the Roxy?
Why not? It's only 45 blocks.
Yes, sir!
(Running out french doors, and then running to center stage) Ah, smell those bus fumes! There's no air like the air of New York. Come on, you slowpokes! We gotta get to the Roxy before the prices change.
(light's change) What's the next song?
Immediate seating... there is immediate seating.
Popcorn, what do you say to some popcorn? Why I... I haven't had popcorn since...
Scene 10 ends, 11 begins, 11 ends.
(in office, early in morning) Yes... Yes, Mr. President. No, I am not asking for your help, but i'm telling you that you've got to do something . All right, we'll talk about it on...
Friday. Listen, Mr. president, why don't we bury the hatchet and you come here with Mrs. roosevelt for supper Christmas Eve?
Warbucks is still on phone with President.
You will? Wonderful. Goodbye, Mr. President. (hangs up phone) Grace, find out what Democrats eat.
Yes, sir.
The package from Tiffany's?
Arrived this morning?
Fine. I'm going to give it to her and then tell her that I want to adopt her.
She's going to be the happiest little girl in the world.
Ger her down here.
Yes, sir.
Annie, can we have a talk? Man-to-man?
You're sending me back to the orphanage. Right?
Of course not! (pause) Annie, did you know that I was an orphan?
No sir.
I was born into a very poor family and both of my parents dided before I was ten. So I made a promise to myself - someday, one way or another, I was going to be rich. Very rich.
That was a good idea.
But, I've lately realized something. No matter how much money you've got, if you have no one to share your life with, if you're alone, then you might as well be broke. You follow?
Not really.
Maybe the will explaing it better. (takes the Tiffany's package from his pocket and hands it to Annie) I was in Tiffany's yesterday and picked this up for you.
For me? Gee, thanks, Mr. Warbucks. (slightly unhappy) oh, gee.
It's a silver locket, Annie. I noteiced that old, broken one you always wear, and i said to myself, " I'm going to get that kid a new locket." (starts to take off Annie's original locket) Here, we'll just take this old one off and...
(recoiling from Mr. Warbucks) No! I don't want a new one!
(surprised) Annie, what is it?
(Closer and closer to tears) This locket, my mom and dad left...and to be llike other kids, with folks of my own.
(recognize Drake) It'll be all right... I'll find them... I'll find your parents for you.
Shh, shh. Mr. Warbucks will find your mother and father if...and including the White House!
(pause) If it's your parents you want, then I'll find them for your (pause) but i'll need your locket o the F.B.I can trace them to your mother and dad.
Song-You won't be an orphan for long

You watch, Annie, you may be meeting your mother and father within a couple of days.

Oh, boy! I gotta right a letter to the kids about this!
What a thing to occur;
Finding them,
Losing her.
Oh, you won't be an orphan for long.
End of Act 1