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All measurements should be made on which side of the body?
Right Side
Describe the placement of the skinfold calipers. (4 things to remember)
Caliper should be placed:
- Directly on the skin surface
- 1 cm away from the thumb & finger
- perpendicular to the skinfold
- halfway between the crest & base of the fold.
True or False: One should maintain the pinch while reading the caliper?
When reading the caliper one should:
A. Read it immediately
B. Wait 1 to 2 seconds
C. Wait longer than 1 to 2 seconds.
B. Wait 1 to 2 seconds, but not longer.
How many measures should be taken at each site?
Duplicate measures, with a retest if duplicate measures are not w/in 1 to 2 mm.
Should one take duplicate measures immediately?
No, rotate thru measurement sites or allow time for skin to regain normal texture & thickness.
Desribe the Abdominal fold.
Vertical fold; 2 cm to the right of the umbilicus.
Describe the Triceps fold.
Vertical fold; on the posterior midline of the upper arm, halfway between the acromion & olecranon processes, with the arm heald freely to the side of the body.
Describe the Chest/Pectoral fold.
Diagonal fold; one-half the distance between the anterior axillary line & the nipple (men), or one-third the distance between the anterior axillary line & the nipple (women).
Describe the Medial Calf fold
Vertical fold; at the maximum circumference of the calf on the midline of its medial border.