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Written communication that puts information, such a documents, into another language. __ of a contract or brochure
Spoken communication that puts information, such as interviews, medical consultations, and informal chats into another language. __ of a litigant's speech
A code that does not contain words is converted into words that have meaning. Sign language hand signals are turned into closed-captioning sentences on a television screen, or Arabic code is written as English words.
general term that covers translation, interpreting, and transliteration
A message is communicated from the first language to the second language and vice versa. An English-Spanish, Spanish-English dictionary is bidirectional.
consecutive interpretation
Transcoding takes place after the speaker has completed his or her thoughts. The interpreter is on stand-by, and there is a delay between the speaker and the interpreter.
spontaneous interpretation
Transcoding takes place while the speaker is conveying his or her message, require a good knowledge of the subject beforehand. In edited news interviews that are not live, it sounds as if the interpreter is talking over, or interrupting the speaker.
Code switch
Change from one language to another. Writing a message in Spanish and writing a signature in English or discuss what to order in Spanish and then placing the order in English
Background information. If you are not interested in music and are not familiar with music vocabulary, you do not have that schemata to excel in music.
A ladder; in language instruction, starting with what the learner already knows and "climbing" to higher knowledge he or she hasn't learned. Brainstorming that leads from one topic to an entire term paper cannot happen without scaffolding.
taking the rules of one language or culture and putting them into another language or culture; source of most learner errors. Spelling jalapeno without the tilde because you're used to Englsih or use double letters too often are examples.
Global learners are not detail oriented; they see the puzzle picture but not the puzzle pieces. They free-write well; they can write about riding a bike, but they cannot punctuate or remember grammatical details. They don't care about details.
Sees the details and always questions why things are a certain way. What is the explanation of that grammar pont? Why is the sky blue? Why? Why? Why?
visual leaner
learns by seeing
auditory learner
learns by hearing
kinesthetic learning
learners by doing a hands-on activity; physical learning
one of the best and easiest ways to combine all 3 types of learning; caters to multiple intelligences.
¿Cómo se dice __?
memory clue to avoid thinking of game dice: dictation
¿Cómo se escribe __?
memory clue: scribe, scribble, schrivener
¿Cómo se deletrea __?
memory clue: You see the firist part of "letter" in the word; so to spell is to say each letter.
¿Como se pronuncia __?
memory clue: "Pronounciar" (the verb "pronuncia" comes from) is a cognate; it looks like "pronounce".
a word that looks similar in both languages, such as pronunciar
exact cognate
a word that is exactly the same in both languages, such as hotel
¿Qué es esto?
What is this?
¿Qué significa?
¿Qué quiere decir __?
What does __ mean?
vocabulary specific to field of study; vocabulary that cannot be understand by people who are not familiar with a given job; computer jargon, music jargon; aviation jargon
hearing imparment (see Jackson Ear Clinc site listd in e-mail for specific advice)
Advice that is useful in dealing with this challenge is also useful in learning foreign languages.
language you are aiming at learning
target language (Spanish)
language you speak most comfortably and competently; the language you are coming from
source language (English)
The way a language works, including more than fill-in-the-blank syntax exercises. It includes vocabulary, meaning, and word order.