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What is net hydrostatic pressure?
Pushes water out of plasma and into interstitial fluid
What is net colloid osmotic pressure?
Draws water out of interstitial fluid and into plasma
What is edema?
It is a net disturbance among net hydrostatic pressure, and net colloid osmotic pressure
What is insensible water loss?
What is sensible?
Water lost from the organism via urine, feces and slow skin water evaporation
Body fluid lost through sweat
What is a fluid shift
It is a rapid water movement between ECF and ICF
What is the predominant cation in ECF?
Na+ is the prevaling cation. 90% of osmotic gradient is from NaCl
Normal conc in ECF are app 140meq/L
What is the dominant cation in ICF?
K+- conc can reach 160meqL
Extracellular conc are app 3.8-5.0
If you perspire heavily and consume only pure water, what will be the Na+ result?
You will lose Na+, and the Osmotic conc will drop briefly
What homeostatic mechanisms can monitor ECF volume indirectly by monitoring blood pressure
Baroreceptors, located at the carotid sinus, aortic sinus and right atrium
If ECF volume is inadequate, what will ensue?
Blood pressure declines and the Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is activated
What is the most abundant mineral in the body?
Calcium-99% is in the skeleton
What two substances raise plasma calcium, and which substance opposes them
PTH and Calcitriol raise Ca+
Calcitonin opposes their action
How do PTH and Calcitriol raise plasma calcium?
They increase Ca+ absorption in the digestive tract and at the distal convoluted tubule in the nephron
The adult body contains how much Mg+ and where is it deposited?
29 g of Mg, and app 60% of it is within the skeletal apparatus
Where is the Mg in body fluids stored?
In the ICF where its conc averages app 26meq/L