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the temperature of concrete may be mixed in a wheelbarrow? True or False
The Sensor of the temperature measuring device shall have at least ____ in. ____mm of concrete cover in all directions
3 in, 75 mm
The temp measuring device shall have a capacity of measuring temp of freshly mixed concrete to +/- ____ degrees F ____degrees C throughout a range of ____ to ___ degrees F (____to____degrees C.)
1* F (.5*C), 30*,120, [0, 50]
The temp measuring device shall be calibrated _____, or whenever there is a question of _____.
Annually; Accuracy
The temp of concrete may be measured in a wall form?
A composite sample of concrete is required even if teh only purpose for obtaining the sample is to determine temperature?
What must be done to the sample container prior to sampling the concrete?
Dampen (with water)
What must be done to the concrete surrounding the temp device after the device is submerged in the fresh concrete
Press the concrete around the temp device at the surface of the concrete
How long must the temp device remain in the freshly mixed concrete for an accurate reading?
2 minutes or until the temp reading stabilizes.
After the temp of the concrete is read, what is then required?
Recording of temp
Complete the temp measurement of freshly mixed concrete within _____ minutes after obtaining the sample.
The temperature of the concrete is recorded tot he nearest ___ degree F [___ degree C]
1, 0.5
According to ASTM 1064, what is one reason to take the temp of concrete?
verify conformance to a specified requirement for temp of concrete
A max temp of freshly mixed concrete is specified in ASTM 1064. True or False?
What special procedures are required when taking the temp of concrete containing large size course aggregate (over 3in. [75 mm[)?
May require a longer period of time, up to 20 minutes for the transfer of heat from the aggregate to the mortar