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Name the author of the Principal Teachings of Buddhism (give both his popular name and his monk's name), as well as his dates.
Je Tsongkapa
(Lobsang Drakpa)
What is the actual name of the Principal Teachings of Buddhism?
Lam Rim Chenmo
For whom was the work written (monk's name and popular name)?
Ngawang Drakpa
(Tsako Wongpo)
Who wrote the commentary that we are studying (give both his popular name and his special name)?
What are his dates?
Who was this Lama in his former life?
Pabongka Pinpoche
(Jampa Tenzin Trinley Gyatso)
Changkya Rolpay Dorje
Who is the disciple of Trijang Rinpoche who wrote the introduction? to Give his full name and correct titles?
Geshe Lobsang Tharchin
What are the three "problems of the pot"?
1. Not paying attention -- like a pot with the lid closed
2. Listening with ignoble motivations -- like a pot full of grime
3. Not retaining what was heard -- like a pot with the bottom fallen out
What are the three great divisions of the lam-rim texts (works on the Steps to Buddhahood)?
Correct/Accurate View
Name the three principal paths.
Are they physical, mental, or are they concepts?
Ngen Jyung (Renunciation)
Jang Sem (Bodhichitta)
Yang Dakpay Dawa (Correct/Accurate View)