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After Lyle goes potty on Philippe's favorite kids' book, he offers to write a new one by way of apology. What is the title of the new book?
Cunty the Sardine (The Damnedest Little Fellow)
The mascot of the Stoned Lightning softball team is a little stoned bird. What is his name?
Davide (Dah-vi-day)
How far can Lyle make a football move by throwing up at it?
About three feet
What is Roast Beef's porno name?
John Holmes
What is Ray's middle name?
According to Philippe's baseball card, what does he want to be when he grows up?
A fireman locked in an ice cream factory overnight
Lyle wins Oasis in a contest sponsored by Pepsi. What does he have them do?
Yard work
According to Ray's baseball card, what is his favorite phrase for joking away some gas?
"Daaamn! Somebody just step on a burrito at this place?"
What is Roast Beef's real first name?
Cassandra (When he was born he was mistakenly thought to be a female)
What is the year, make and model of Roast Beef's car?
1965 Ford Galaxie
Why is Pat gay?
The curse of Gladdington Castle
What is the name of Nice Pete's band?
Mister Band
In Nice Pete's version of the Bible, who is the character of New Jesus based on?
Ray Smuckles
Instead of sleep walking what does Ray tend to do at night?
Sleep chillin'
What fast food restuarant has a secret menu for breast men?
Taco Bell
Who or what is #1 on Ray's speed dial?
Boston Market
Which actor does Ray get to star in his gay porn?
Rodney Huggins
How do Pat and Rodney Huggins meet?
Rod crashes through the motel wall into Pat's room while running away from Ray
What is Roast Beef's condition for joining the Stoned Lightning softball team?
He gets to play while inside a plexiglass chamber with baby incubator arms
Philippe goes to the Achewood transfer station in search of what item?
An old, brown couch
What two items does Ray purchase from e-Bay Platinum while stoned?
Airwolf and Keith Moon's head
When Roast Beef is gripped with a fear of electromagnetic cancer causing cellphone rays near his penis, Molly makes him what?
Aluminum underpants with a cell phone holder hanging off the front
At the 2006 Bad Ass Games, who wins the bread making competition?
Cornelius Bear (although he makes pasta)
At the 2006 Bad Ass Games, who wins the "convince a career prisoner you've done time" competition?
Cornelius Bear
The Volvo of Despair originally belonged to whom?
Trent Reznor
Ray wears which medallion?
The Medallion of King Chochacho
When Ray wakes up after his evening with Cartilage Head what does he find draped across himself?
A photo of himself with the caption "I proved myself a coward who would desert a dying man"
What is Little Nephew's actual name?
Charley Smuckles
Liebot gets Philippe to drink carrot juice by telling him it is what?
King Piss