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Market (Entering a New Market)
Market share
Comparative products and services
Barriers to entry/exit
Entry (Entering a New Market)
Start from scratch
Acquire an existing player
Joint venture with existing player
Current Industry Structure (Industry Analysis)
Life cycle (growth, transition, maturity)
Major players and market share
Industry changes (new players, new technology)
Drivers (brand, size, technology)
Suppliers (Industry Analysis)
How many
Product availability
Market situation
Future(Industry Analysis)
Expanding or shrinking
Mergers and acquisitions
Barriers to entry or exit
Objectives (M&A)
Increase market access
Price (M&A)
Fair deal?
How to pay
If the economy tanks?
Due Dilligence (M&A)
Company context (situation, resources)
How secure are markets and customers
Industry situation
Competitive response to acquisition
Legal issues
Exit Strategies (M&A)
How long to keep it?
Divest parts of the organization?
Product (New Product)
Special or proprietary
Advantages and disadvantages
Place in product line
Cannabilizing our own products
Replacing existing product?
Market Strategy (New Product)
Expanding customer base
Prompting competitive response
Barriers to entry
Major players and market share