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FAR 139.333
Airport responsibility toward navaids. Protection of Navaids.
FAR 139.341
Airport responsibility to Mark and Light that could affect navaid signals.
FAA Flight Checks
DOne after aircraft accident while using a particular navaid system (ILS)
FAR 139.329
Pedestrian and Ground vehicle placement as to not interfere with navaids.
NOTAM for Navaids
If non federal, at least 5 hours notice for shutdown for maintenence, 1 hr in emergency. (VOR,VORTAC,ILS)
FAR 139.335
Public Protection - Inadvertant entry to movement area by unauthoriazed person or vehicle. Protection from jetblast.
Public Proection
Fencing on airport perimeter.
Used to protect against wildlife (139.337, Protect Navaids (139.333,Construction (139.341) and security (TSA 1542) Airport Security