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a person who designs, codes, and test computer programs.
computer programmers
companies that produce computer software
software publishers
computer programs that help you perform a specific task such as word processing
application processing
computer programs that help the computer carry out essential operating task.
system software
a compontent either hardware or software, is avaiable for use by a computers processor. FOr example Ram, storage space, etc..are..
the combination of hardware and software that helps people and computers communicate with eachother. Ex: display device, mouse, and keyboard that allow you to view and manipulate your environment.
user interface
consist of images on the screen that provide the user means of accessing program features and functions by means of a mouse or other input device. Was also developed by XEROX and in 1984 Apple Commericialized concept.
GUI (graphical user interface) Windows is a GUI.
picuters that represent an object
user icons
requires user's to type in commands rather than to use a mouse to manipulate graphics.
command-line interface
a program stored in ROM that loads and intializes the operating stystem on the computer.
bootstrap program
helpful tools you can use to control and customize your computer equipment and work environment
an operating system that expects to deal with one set of input devices-those that can be controlled by one user at a time. ex: handheld computers
an operating system that allows a single computer to deal with simultaneous input, output, and processing request from many other users.
an operating system thats designed for a personal computer- a desktop, notebook, or tablet computer.THe computer you typically use at home, school,and work.
an operating system that Is installed on more than 80% of the worlds personal computers. Also provides a GUI, was introduced in 1985 and has several versions.
Microsoft Windows
HIdden by the Windows GUI, provides part of the operating system for windows, used on millions of computers until the introduction of Microsoft Windows.
DOS (Disk Operating system)
computers programs that assist the user in producing documents such as reports,letters, papers, and manuscripts.
word processing software
software that use graphic design techniquies to enhancethe format and appearance of documents.
desktop publishing
helps you design and develop customized Web pages that you can publish electronically on the internet.
web authoring
refers to the horizontal position of the text.
paragraph alignment
uses rows and columns of numbers to create a model or representation of a real situation.
the intersection of a column and a row
a collection of data that is tored on one or more computers
This holds data for a single entity-a person, place, thing, or event.
the smallest meaniful unit of information contained in a data file.
refers to any picture, drawing, sketch, photograph, image, icon that appears on your computer screen
a special type of 3D graphics software designed for architects and engineers who use computers to create blueprints and product specifications.
CAD software (computer-aided design software)
the process by which programs and data are copied into a hard disk of a computer system and otherwise prepared for access and use.
refers to one of more files that have been compressed to decrease its size and reduce the download time.