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numbers that might be used in arithmetic operations.
numeric data
composed of letters, symbols, and numerals that are not used in arthimetic operations.
character data
a kilo is how many bytes
1,024 or 2^10
what type of bytes are often used when referring to the size of small computer files.
what type of bytes are often used when referring to the size of medium to large computer files or to floppy disk capacity.
what type of bytes are used to refer to RAM and hard disk capacity.
The computers main circuit board, that houses all essential chips and provides connecting circuitry between them.
an integrated circuit designed to process instructions.
refers to the number of bits that a microprocessor can manipulate at one time.
word size
mean million cycles per second
means a billion cycles per second
a special high speed memory that allows a microprocessor to access data more rapidly than from memory located elsewhere on the motherboard.
multiple instructions are executed at the same time.
parallel processing
one instruction is process at one time.
serial processing
an instruction can begin to be processed before the previous instructions processing is complete.
It holds data waiting to be processed, stored, displayed, or printed. Is usually serval chips or small circuit boards that plug into the motherboard within the computers system unit
RAM (random access memory)
when disk storage requires electrical power to hold data this means most RAM is
a computer use of hard disk storage to sitmulate RAM
virtual memory
is 1 billionth of a second
is fast and relatively inexpensive
SDRAM(synchronous dynamic RAM)
first developed for the popular Nintedo 64,is usually found in high-performance workstations with microprocessors that run at speeds faster than 1 Ghz.
RDRAM (rambus dynamic RAM)
type of memory circuitry that holds the computers startup routine.
ROM (read only memory)
disk, CD, DVD, paper or other substance that contains data.
storage medium
the mechanical appartus that records and retrieves data from a storage medium. ex: zip drives, hard disk drives, tape drives, CD drives..
storage device
CD and DVD storage technologies can be classified as this, which stores data as microscopic light and dark spots on the disk surface.
optical software
the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the reuqested data.
Random access
the amount of data a storage device can move per second from the storage medium to the computer.
data transfer rate
a round piece of flexible mylar plastic covered with thin layer of magnetic oxide and sealed inside a protective casing.
a floppy disk
refers to the closeness and size of the magnetic particles on the disk surface.
disk density
a copy of the data on a hard disk, which is stored on magnetic tape and used to restose data.
tape backup
R means
recordable technology
RW means
rewritable technology
a portable storage device featuring a built-in connector taht plugs directly into a computer's USB port.
USB flash drive
the small dots of light that form an image
an alternative printer language that many publishing professionals perfer.