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Who painted "The Death of Socrates?"
Jacques-Louis David
Who was known as the intelligent leader of classicism?
J. Winckelmann
Who praised the Thomas Jefferson Library at the University of Virginia as the most beautiful structure in America?
R. Hughes
Who criticized Bach's music as being too unnatural and instrumental?
J. A. Scheibe
Who characterized the galant movement as more emotional?
J. P. Kimbegler
Who said, "If you want to see me weep, you yourself must grieve" (and what musical movement does this refer to?)
Horace, the Empfindsamer Stil
Who wrote "Pamela"? (and what movement?"
Richardson, ES
Who was the creator of "Der Tod Jesu" (and what movement)
Graun, ES
Who was the critic that said that comic opera was a good school for composers, though a bad one for singers?
J. A. Hiller
Who said that music was meaningless without words?
Who disagreed that music was meaningless without words?
T. Twining
Who said that the main meaning of music could be found in its patterns and rhythms?
Adam Smith
Who wrote the play "Sturm und Drang"?
Who was the critic who said that the Classical style had moved away from the church?
C. Rosen
Who wrote the important treatise distinguishing the beautiful and the sublime?
Ed. Burke
Who was the critic who saw "The Magic Flute" as the height of Mozart's operatic career?