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Collection of Related Data fields
Social Security number
Best primary Key
Data Cleanup
develop data that is accurate and complete
Relational Model
Most popular database model
Data Warehouse contains
3-10 years of current and historical data
Network Interface Card
required to connect a personal computer on a LAN
File Server
keeps everything on one host comp using an architecture
Electronic Software Distribution
Send software upgrades to users over the network
Internet originated from
U.S. Department of Defense
Largest # of internet Users
Cover Page =
Home page
C2C e-commerce site
Electronic Distribution
eliminates inventory probs
Successful e-commerce model
Content, Commerce, Community
Web Log File
records info regarding customer visits to a web site
Biometric Device
encodes physical attributes and associates them w/ bological attributes
Safe Harbor principles
address data privacy issues
Batch Processing
processes lots of transactions at once
TPS one objective
error-free data input and processing
Routing System
determines routes for shipping
real-time monitoring business functions
Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maitenence
First Step in Prob Solving
Report w/ weekly overtime figures
Exception Report
everytime inventory levels drop
Handle large amounts of data from different sources
Making Hypothetical changes to problem data
Model Base
Part of DSS- shows variety of models and assists them in decision making
tailored to individual exeutive's preferences
Layers of Executive Decision Making
Board of Directors (top), President, Functional Area VPs, Functional Area Managers
Intelligent Behavior
Ability to learn from experiences
Vision Systems
work w/ robots to give machines sight
Learning System
allows comp to change how it reacts based on Feedback
Knowledge Base
Stores Relevent info., etc. used by expert system
Fuzzy Logic
Allows shades of gray rather than yes/no answers
Knowledge User
uses expert system
illusion of immersion by projecting stereo images
Systems analyst
Only person who sees entire system
System Development Life Cycle
Strategic Plan, Information Systems Planning, System Development Initiatives, Systems Maintenance and Review
Iteration Charts
Project Milestone
Critical Date for Completion of a part of project
Gantt Chart
Shows project activities w/ graphical representations of time
Direct Observation
Watching a system over a period of time
Data- Flow Diagram
related objects, associations, activities