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What are extraordinart items?
Hurricanes, floods, etc.
Figure Earnings per Share (Using Common Stock Outstanding)
Earnings/Outstanding Shares
what is the P/E ratio (indicate?)
What the market is willing to pay
Characteristics of bonds
Interest paid when bond is due, bipasses the bank, interest expense is deductible, no guarentee to stockholders
Debenture Bond
No collateral
Serial Bond
Different maturity dates
Convertible Bond
Converts to common stock
Callabe Bond
Redeemable before maturity dates
When will a bond sell at discount?
When the interest rateis lower than the market
Pricing of bond (ie. 102 means?)
102% of face
Sinking fund is...
Money set aside in special accounts so when maturity is due the money is available
Journal entry for issuance of bond
Debit cash, credit bonds payable
Operating activities
Depreciation/Net income
Investing activities
Fixed assets
Financing activities
Stock, dividend, bond