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Capital Stock
Total shares of a corporation
Cash Discount
a deduction that a seller allows on the invoice amount to encourage prompt payment.
Cash payments journal
a special journal used to record only cash payments transactions
An organization whith the legal rights of a person and which may be owned by many persons
A reduction in the list prince granted to customers
Trade Discount
A special journal used to record only purchases on account transactions
purchases journal
A business pritned or catalogue price
list price
Each unit of ownership in a corporation
Share of Stock
A form prepared by the buyer showing the price deductions taken by the busyer for returns and allowances
Debit Memorandum
A cash discount on purchases taken by a buyer
Purchases discount
Merchandize returned by a buyer for credit
purchases return
Credit allowed for part of the price of merchandize that is not returned
purchases allowance
A journal used to record only one kind of transaction
special journal
A journal with two amunt columns used to recod transactions that cannot be recorded in a special journal
General Journal
A reduction in the list price granted to customers
trade discount
merchandise returned by a customer for a credit on account or a cash refund
sales return
A special journal in which only cash receipts transactions are recorded
cash receipts journal
A special journal used to record only sales on account
Sale journal
Crdit allowed a customer for part of the sales price of merchandize not returned
sale allowance
A cash discount on sale
sale discount
a Form prepard by the seller showing the amount deducted for returns and allowances
credit memorandum