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Where should ACLs be configured? Give two rules.
■ Standard ACLs should be placed as close to the destination devices as possible.
■ Extended ACLs should be placed as close to the source devices as possible.
Standard IP ACLs allow you to filter on the _________ ___ ___________.
Source IP address
Extended ACLS allow you to filter on what?
Source and destination IP address, the IP protocol, and protocol information.
What are the standard IP ACL number ranges?
1 to 99 and 1300 to 1999.
What are the extended IP ACL number ranges?
100 to 199 and 2000 to 2699.
In a wildcard mask what does a 0 bit mean?
Match the bit of the address.
In a wildcard mask what does a 1 bit mean?
Ignore the bit of the address.
What command will display the ACLs that have been activated on the interfaces?
show ip interfaces
Use the __________ __________ command to view console output on non-console connections, such as VTYs
terminal monitor
What is the command syntax to create a named IP ACL?
ip access-list standard|extended ACL_name
This command will place you in the config-std|ext-acl mode.
Use the __________ parameter to add a comment about an ACL statement or statements.
What command will display all ACLs lists and the interfaces on which they are activated?
show running-config
What command will display the ACLs lists and the number of matches that has been seen on the router?
show [ip] access-lists
The ip parameter is optional. If it used only IP ACLs are displayed.
In what mode are standard ACLs created?
Config mode
In what mode are extended ACLs created?
config-ext|std-acl mode
What is the command syntax to apply a numbered ACLs list to a VTY line?
access-class standard_ACL_# in|out
What is the command to create a named ACL entry in the config-std|ext-acl mode?
permit|deny source_IP_address [wildcard_mask]