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* Who was you hero as a kid and why?
* How did you develop your teaching skills?
* When have you willingly followed someone else’s teaching and
* What positive feedback have you received about your teaching
* What kind of teaching do you respond to well?
* What kind of teaching demotivates you?
* Have you ever been in a class that didn’t need a teacher?
* In what situations do you like being a teacher?
* Who are the people who have most influenced your decisions in
the classroom? What kind of leadership were they providing?
* Have you ever witnessed a good teacher transform a situation (in
life or on film or TV)? How did they do it?
* As a teacher, do you pay most attention to getting the task
done, keeping the students motivated or looking after individual
* If you have ever been part of a high performing staff, what was
it like and why did it work so well?
* Have you experienced or seen good teamwork within a class?
* What makes you a good teacher? Why would you be picked to teach someone’s child?
*Gifted children tend to be very sensitive. What suggestions would you offer a parent of a sensitive child?
*Why do you think the dropout rate is high among gifted students?
*Why do you think gifted students suffer from perfectionism?
*Why do you think gifted students suffer from underachievement?