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What is an example of Data Encryption?
Key-in Data.
What kind of datatype should be used for "hours worked"?
What kind of datatype should be used for "currency"?
What is the best Internal Control?
Segregation of Duties
What are 3 types of Internal Controls?
Preventative Control, Corrective Control, Segregation of Duties
What is a Foreign Key?
It is a Primary Key in another field.
What is Data Modeling used for?
To prevent redundancy in data.
What is the General Ledger?
It is the "account by account" listing of all transactions, debit and credit. It is NOT in Chronological order.
How do we make a relationship between 2 tables?
By linking them between Primary Key and Foreign Key.
What is a good example of how to use "Grandfather, Father, Child" Backup?
Magnetic Tape Drives
When you hear Normalizing Data, what should you think of?
Preventing Redundancy in Data.
What is an Internal Audit?
It is a service function within many large companies.

As a separate subsystem, they report to high-level management or to the board of directors in order to remain independent and objective.
Computer Vandalism is usually done as an inside or outside job?
On the Inside.
Where should you look if you want to see cash receipts that are coming in?
Accounts Recievable
Do we really know how much Computer Abuse occurs per year?
NO. Companies intentally keep that info hush-hush.
What is a real world example of a "1 to 1" Relationship?
Your one car being assigned to 1 specific Parking Space.
What is Batch Control?
It's where you have a whole pile of "stuff", then add them all up before you document it into the system.
For "customers"(as an example), what would be an example of a BAD primary key?
What do we mean by "Normalizing Account Data"?
We're talking about getting rid of data redundancy.
What is an example of a Database Language?
What is Cost Benefit?
"A Control shouldn't outweigh the Benefit".
What is Collusion?
Group of 3 or more to get together and do something bad. This is why Separation of Duties is done in order to make dishonesty harder to do.
If you have good controls, you still need an Auditor Check.

TRUE. It's called Substantive Testing.
What is the main reason for having an Internal Audit?
To make sure you're following procedure.
What's a Hot Site?
It's an offsite area that contains everything ready to go at a moment's notice. Also very expensive to maintain.
What's a Cold Site?
It's an offsite area that contains the essential data that would need to be setup and turned on before it can be utilized. It's not terribly expensive to maintain.
What is a document that is NOT a Source Document?
Accounts Recevible Aging Report
What's a way to reduce Internal Loss/Shrinkage?
A Fidelity Bond.
What is an example of a Logic Bomb?
Say that you delete someone from the Payroll System and by doing that, it triggers what could be seen as "system crashing".
What is the Payroll Department responsible for?
Quarterly Payroll Accounts.

NOT for giving out paychecks.
What is a Bill of Lading?
It's a Shipping Label
Who all receives a Bill of Lading?
-1 copy goes to Shipping Company
-1 Copy goes to Customer
-1 copy stays with supplier that's sending the merchandise
What is the proper order in posting?
-We post to Journal
-Then to General Ledger
-Then make it Unadjusted Trial Balance
-Then make it an Adjusted Trial Balance
-Then Financial Statements
-Then Closing Entries
-Then Income Statements
-Then Post-Closing Trial Balances
What are controls designed to do?
Catch intentional and unintentional errors.