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What were the classes of 11th century Milan?
Lesser nobles (knights, squires)
Great Nobles
Non-Nobles (plebians)
big fish, medium fish, little fish feudalism
In the 13th century, what family was both the cheif officers and the first despots?
Della Torre Family
D.T. Homies
In Milan (13th centry), what family represented the Ghibellines?
What two territories did the Visconti fail to retain for a long time?
Genoa and Bologna
lunch meat
How can the prestige of Galeazzo Visconti's family be proven?
Marriage to English and French Royals
fromage et crackers
What weapons did the pope use against the Visconti?
excommunication and crusades
kicks wheres waldo
What directions did Bernab and Galeazzo get?
Bernab = East
Galeazzo = West
you should know this
What year did Galeazzo die?
+2 +4 +1
What year was Bernab Visconti excommunicated?
+2 +3 -5
In 1385, what famous person did Gian Galeazzo take prisoner?
Bernab Visconti
What animal was Bernab's favorite game and how many dogs did he have to hunt them with?
boar, 5,000
miss piggy's worth 5k
What year did Gian Galeazzo lay seige to Florence?
2 years past a number
Who did Gian Galeazzo buy his title from?
the Holy Roman Emperor
constantine was one
What two architectural structures did Gian Galeazzo oversee in Milan?
Cathedral of Milan
the Certosa of Pavia (aka the Carthusian Monastery)
C. of place were talking about
breathfreshener for monks
What prevented Gian Galeazzo from taking over Florence?
his death
What city-state's rule did the formerly Milanese territories fall under after Gian Galeazzo's death?
What year was Giovanni Maria, then new Duke of Milan and cruel leader, murdered and where?
1412 in a church
12 years after year in a place where they talk about el sangue de christo
Who was Gionvanni Maria succeeded by and what relation was this man to him?
Filippo Maria, brother
same last name gymnast
What type of captain was Francesco Sforza?
didn't give mercy
Who did Francesco Sforza marry?
Duke Fillipo Maria's daughter
How did Sforza trick the people of Milan after Filippo's death in 1447?
Asked him to defend their republic but instead he laid seige to it in 1450 and created a new dynasty
he became #1
Who joined up with Sforza to tale on Venice and Naples?
Cosimo de' Medici
daddy of f
What treaty ended the conflict between the powerful city-states and kepy some peace in Italy for forty years?
Peace of Lodi of 1454
hippie idol +4 +1 -1
What year did Sforza die?
last 2 nubers same
What two countries did Sforza keep good relations with and use to secure Genoa?
Florence and France
fromage banks
Who became ruler of Milan after Sforza and what famous artists did he have in his court?
Ludivico the Moor
Bramante & da Vinci
othello's bull code
In 1488, what city-state's rulung house was Ludivico's wife from?
she has them
Who broke up the alliance of Milan, Naples, and Florence?
Ludivico's wife
What year did Lorenzo the Magnificent die?
Who did Ludivico negotiate with to protect himself from Naples that turned out to be a big mistake?
Charles VIII of France
8 chromage
Who made himself duke of Milan by starving the city into submission?
Francesco Sforza