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When did Florences struggle with Pisa end?
1250, last medieval emperor died
Who was the last medieval emperor?
Frederick II
What what Florences coinage in 1252?
gold florin
Was Florence a Guelf or Ghibelline city?
What side were the Guelf's on?
papacy against empire
jedi smelly dried stuff
Guelf alliance meant what for Florentine bankers?
buisness of the papacy and special priverleges that cam along with that
easy $
What two careers were able to take over the government in 1282?
merchants and bankers
monopoly money
What was the gov before bankers and merchants?
old magnates weakened by disunity
After 1283, what was the ruling class called?
the popolo, or people
How many guilds did the popolo consist of?
twenty one
drinking age
How many greater guilds in popolo grasso?
fat people
How many lesser guilds in popolo minuto?
little people
What were some of the jobs of the popolo grasso?
wool manufacturers, wool finishers, silk merchants, and bankers
sheep, worms, money
How many priors were in the popolo grasso's executive body?
6, later 8
# of letters in g
How often were the priors re-elected?
every 2 months
Florence called itself a republic, but what was it really?
What was the large class with no political power?
Was the working class allowed to form guilds?
What action made sure that the new ruling class (popolo's) kept power without rebellion from former magnates of 1282?
Ordinances of Justice of 1293
OJ +11
What was the seventh prior called and what was his job?
gonfaloniere of justice, executing sentences against nobles
gondola of j against meanies
How many men did the gonfaloniere have to help him?
1000 men
What year were nobles finally allowed to hold positions as priors?
2 years after OJ
What sections did the Guelfs split into in Florence?
Black and White
Who helped the Black's win and savagely persecuted the Whites in 1301?
Pope Boniface VIII and Charles of Valois(french prince)
smelly pretty face 8
uncle charley of valium
What famous people went into exile when the White faction was persecuted in 1301?
Dante and Petrarch's father
inferno and human grandaddy
What year had Florence reached a peak of prosperity?
+2 +0 +5
What two banks went bankrupt because of Edward III(king of england) in 1339?
Bardi and Peruzzi
not druids and pizza
Who did Florence call in to take over during the economic crisis caused by edward iii and the banks?
Walter of Brienne, duke of Athens, member of ruling family of Naples
walnuts and brie
What year was Walter of Brienne kicked out?
+2 +1 -2
How long was the interlude where the lesser guilds held more power than the greater guilds?
35 years
20 yars go 4m
In what war were Florence and the Pope actually fighting from 1375-1378?
War of the Eight Saints
What were the two catasrophic events of the 1340's that shattered the well being of the city?
Bardi and Peruzzi went bankrupt
Black death arrived, killing 50,000 in Florence
no money brings boils
Who suffered most from economic depression?
the poor
no $
What was the rising of the workers that occured in 1378, consisting mostly of wool carders?
Revolt of the Ciompi
When did the Revolt of the Ciompi end?
Who tried to take over Florence, but was stopped in 1402?
Gian Galeazzo
he died
Who did the Florentines expell in 1343?
Duke of Athens
In 1425, when Filippo Maria Visconti tried to take over Florence, what city state helped?
When this person tried to take over Venice, the bond between Florence and Venice was called off by the Florentines.
Francesco Sforza
Before the craze in the idea of "Florentine Liberty" began, who did the Florentines attribute the creation of the city to?
Julius Caesar
After the craze about "florentine liberty" who did the Florentines trribute the creation of the city to?
a settlement by Sulla's soldiers
sullens men
When was civic freedom fortified?
1434, when Cosimo de Medici came to power
When did Cosimo de Medici die?
What class did the Medici's show sympathy to, hence winning their complete power?
When greek scholars arrived in the church council in florence, who did cosimo begin to study?
cake mix you cant eat
Where was the first public library in Europe?
the monastery of San Marco
san gay guy from degrassi
Name one church that Cosimo de Medici helped with.
San Lorenzo
san like lazagna but not
who is considered the greatest architect of the time of cosimo de medici?
Name two artists patronized by Cosimo de Medici.
Fra Angelico and Donatello
turtle and angel
Who did Cosimo help take over Milan?
Francesco Sforza
Where was Cosimo de Medici buried?
church of San Lorenzo
san lazagna
What is the translation of Pater Patriae?
Father of the Fatherland
u know it isnt peter parker
Who was Cosimo's sucessor?
Piero de Medici
How long did Piero rule?
5 years
How old was Lorenzo de Medici when he had to take control of Florence?
What family tried to threaten Lorenzo's rule?
Who ecouraged the Pazzi in their plight?
Pope Sixtus IV
six four
What day did the Pazzi attempt to kill Lorenzo and Guiliano at mass?
April 26th, 1478
too complicated for clue
Of the two brother's, who survived the conspiracy?
the living one
What was Lorenzo's punishment for not being murdered?
only a pope can do it
What city state helped the popes declare war on Florence?
nickle nips
How long was the war between Naples and Florence?
1478-1479, one year
Who did Lorenzo go visit without permission to end the war?
Ferrante, the king of Naples
king Ferarri
What year did the Turks occupy Italy?
same year war ended
How did the Turk occupation end?
Mohammad II died
prophet died
What northern country did Lorenzo have to maintain good relations with to prevent their domination?
le langue que je parle
The Council of ______ was set up and controlled by Lorenzo and given charge of the main functions of the goverment.
soixant dix
What was created and controlled by Lorenzo in 1490 to nominate the priors?
Committee of Seventeen
one year your age comm
True or False: Near the end of his career, Lorenzo used public money for private purposes.
stave off monarchs
Who was creating a strong Spanish monarchy by taking parts of Italy?
Ferdinand and Isabella
took out moors
What was Ferdinand king of?
never mess with one
When did Lorenzo de Medici die?
April 8, 1492
How old was Lorenzo de Medici when he died?