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The atmosphere of the earth is comprised ofhow many basic layers?
The troposhpere is the atmospheric layer of the earth's atmosphere that extends upward from the earth's surface to approximately what height?
7 miles
In what layer of the atmosphere does most weather occur?
The stratosphere extends upward from the tropopause to approximatley what height above the earth's surface?
30 miles
A barometric pressure of 28.94 is the same as a barometric pressure of how many millibars?
980 mollibars
A barometric pressure of 30.12 inches in the same as how many millibars of barometric pressure?
1,020 millibars
The standard sea-level pressure is how many inches of mercury?
29.92 inches
When an aircraft flies from a high temperature area to a low temperature area its altimeter reading will have what relationship with the actual altitude?
Too high
If an altimeter is not adhusted a pressure change of 1 inch of mercury will result in altimeter error of how many feet?
1000 feet
A low pressure weather area is the same as what type of weather system?