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What nerve is associated with plantar fasciitis?
First branch of the lateral plantar nerve (also called Baxter's nerve)
What muscle does this nerve innervate?
Abductor digit minimi
Plantar fasciitis has been shown to have an association with what systemic condition?
Recent weight gain
Where is the patient generally tender?
Medially under the abductor hallucis longus
After giving off Baxter's nerve, under what structure does the LPN continue?
Under the quadratus plantae
How much of the plantar fascia should one release operatively?
No more than one third of the fascia
What is the preferred treatment of plantar fibroma in a nonweightbearing area?
Observation and use of an accommodative orthosis
What is preferred treatment of plantar fibroma in a painful weightbearing area? Why?
Excise the entire plantar fascia
Decreased rate of recurrenece if entire fascia excised
Overall, what is the most common malignancy of the foot?
Plantar melanoma
What is the most common malignancy of the hand?
Squamous cell carinoma
When shaving a wart, how do you know when you have gone far enough?
Presence of punctate bleeding