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What is the relationship between depression and illness later in life?
What percent experience depression at an old age?
Thos with depression are at higher risk for stroke and recover from illness a lot slower (hip fractures, heart attacks) and have a higher chance of death. 20%
When are the elderly most likley to commit suicide and at what age? How many commit suicide because of it? How many at that specific age commit suicide?
They are most likely to commit suicide when they are depressed. 20/100,000. age 80-85 27/100,000
What is the relationship between age and anxiety in the elderly? What is the main cause of their anxiety? What % of men suffer from anxiety? % of women?
The older you are the more your chances for anxiety increase. Those 85 and older report more anxiety than those 65-84. The cause is because of illness, declining health, and injuries. 6% and 11%
In the elderly, what are psychotic symptoms most likely due to? What is delerium? What does it cause?
Delerium and Dementia. Delerium is a clouding of the conscience. The awareness of the environment becomes less clear and they have difficulty concentrating and focusing and thinking sequentially. It causes illusions, hallucinations and misinterperetations.
What is the relationship between psychosis and schizophrenia in the young and elderly?
Schizophrenia usually lessens as a person ages. it is unsommon for new cases of schizophrenia to develop in old age. If this happens the person will most likely be put on drugs.
What are the criteria for the diagnosis of dementia? What is it a result of?
severe problems with memory and at least one other cognitive function (like abstract thinking of language). They may undergo personality changes and the symptoms worsen steadily. Can be a result of nutritional problems or other things that can be corrected. Also can be a result of Alzheimer's or a stroke.
What is the difference between anterograde and retrograde amnesia?
Antero-ongoing inability to make new memories. Retro-can't remember info. from the past
What are the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease? What is the typical pattern for how individuals deal with Alzheimer's?
-after age 65-last for 20 yrs-begins with mild memory prob/lapses of attention and difficulty w/language and communication-trouble with simples tasks, distant memories forgotten, and change in personality
Deal with it by groing through denial and become anxious/depressed/agitated-withdraw from others and eventually become depndent on others.
Do individuals without Alzheimer's disease have neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques?
What nerotransmitter deficiency is associated with Alzheimer's disease?
What is multi-infarct dementia and how does it manifest itself behaviorally in an individual?
Vasculat dimentia (aka m.i. dim.) is something that follors a stroke during which blood flows to specific areas of brain-cut off and damaged It is progressive byt symptoms begin suddenly.
How is mad cow disease similar to Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease?
B/c it causes spasms of the body for years w/o causing any problems and then can become active-Mad cow also causes disruption of congnitive processing. They are similar physically and biologically.
What is the most likely reason why Alzheimer patients are institutionalized?
B/c their cargivers get overwhelmed and can no longer cope with difficulty of keeping them at home.
What is the difference between double jeaopardy and triple jeopardy?
Double jeop. is when someone is both old and part of a minority. Triple is a woman that is old and minority