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Normal Human Response Cycle:
1. Appetitive: desire
2. Excitement: increased blood flow
3. Orgasm: sexual pleasure peaks
4. Resolution: men need time (refractory period) women don't
Sexual desire disorders
1. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: no sexual fantasies or urges
2. Sexual aversion disorder: more extreme, avoids nearly all genital contact.
*comorbid with orgasmic disorder
Sexual arousal disorders
1. Female sexual arousal disorder: not wet enough
2. Male erectile disorder: can't maintain erection
*causes: lack of knowledge (women), marital problems
Orgasmic Disorders
1. Female Orgasmic disorder: can't orgasm, still have normal responses to stimuli.
2. Male orgasmic disorder: difficulty ejaculating
3. Premature ejaculation: most prevalent sexual dysfunction
Sexual pain disorders
1. Dyspareunia: persistent or recurrent pain during sex.
2. Vaginismus: involuntary spasms of the vagina preventing intercourse
*causes: depression, anxiety, marital problems.