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quibus verbîs audîtîs
with which words having been heard, when they had heard this
Coquô vocâtô
With the cook having been called, When the cook had been summoned
Sôle oriente
With the sun rising, As the sun rose, While the sun was rising
Asellô custôde
With Asellus [as] guard, While Asellus is/was on guard
Lûdô relictô
With school having been left behind, After they left/had left school
Titô salûtâtô
With Titus having been greeted, After Titus was/had been greeted
Vestîmentîs Asellô trâditîs
With [their] clothing having been handed over to Asellus, After [their] clothing was/had been handed over to Asellus
Marcô in caldâriô morante
With Marcus staying in the hot-room, While Marcus stays/staid in the hot-room
Fûre vestîmenta surripiente
With the thief stealing the clothing, While the thief is/was stealing the clothes
Fûre cônspectô
With the thief having been caught sight of, When the thief was/had been caught sight of
Magistrô îrâtô
With the teacher [being] angry, Because the teacher is/was angry
Multîs hominibus subsequentibus
With many men following, Because many men are/were following
Vęlâmine relictô
With [her] shawl having been left behind, After she abandoned/had abandoned her shawl
mę custôde
with me as guard, while I am/was on guard
Puerîs in lûdô clâmantibus
With the boys in the school shouting, Because the boys in the school are/were shouting