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what emergency shore base recovery equipment is designed to stop aircraft not equipped with tailhooks
the E-5 chain-type arresting gear has two deck pendents of equal length streched across the runway, how far apart are they spaced?
who installs the deadman anchors located 15ft from the side of the runway?
public works personnel
civilian contractor
the deadman anchor must be able to withstand how many pounds acting along the tensioning pendant from the anchor to be acceptable?
a minimum load of 10,000LBS
the E-5MOD 1 and E-5MOD 3 field emergency chain arresting gear arresting cables are shaped by the use of what?
retention hooks that are bolted to the runway
how many deadman anchors are required for the E-5MOD 1 and MOD 3 field emergency chain arresting gear?
only one deadman anchor on each side of the runway
why should highly refelective colors not be used along the edge of the runway or on the runway chains?
because they might distract the poilt
what determine the maximum aircraft runout capability on the emergency chain arresting gear?
the chain length and its weight
what gives the recommended minimum chain configurations for operating with a/c weighing above or below 30,000LBS?
an emergency chain arresting gear bulletin
what is the main factor considered when a location is being selected for installtion of field emergency arresting gear?
the runout requirement
when the chain arresting gear is being used what is the recommended runway length in feet for an A-3 aircraft?
the E-28 arresting engines use what principle to dissipate the kinetic energy of the landing aircraft?
rotary hydraulic
during an arrestment how many pounds of tape tension are required to release mechanism on the E-28 arresting gear?
6,000-6,500 LBS
what source powers the retrieving system of the E-28 arresting gear?
gasoline engines
what is the minimum number of wire supports per deck pendants on the chain arrest gear?
the deck pendant on the E-5 chain gear may be inspected in the installed position under what condition?
when the engaging speed is less than 100 knots and the a/c runout distance is less than 500ft
when should you remove both arresting cables and thoroughly inspect them for deformation and wear?
when the engaging speed is from 100-150knots and the a/c runout distance is over 500ft
what is the primary and secondary method used to measure aircraft runout and the length of chain pullout for the E-5 arresting gear?
primary= painted marks on the runway
secondary=painted marks on the chain
what will the runout distance normally be?
twice the chain length plus 1/2 the arresting cable length
how should one decide the maximum chain length that should be used for a given available runout area?
available runout length
subtract 1/2 the arresting cable length, then divide the remainder by 2
concerning the CF4000L fire-fighting truck, what is the effective range, in feet, of the roof turrent and the bumper turret?
roof turret=175FT
bumper turret=150FT
concerning the CF4000L fire-fighting truck what are the water and tank capacities in gallons?
what is the discharge flow rate of AFFF or water from the roof turret on a CF4000L fire-fighting truck?
what is the maximum discharge flow rate from the handline on a P-15 fire-fighting truck?
what is the discharge rate of the bumper turret on the T-3000 Oshkosh fire-fighting truck?
the T-3000 Oshkosh has a capacity for how many gallons of water and AFFF concentrate?
water= 3000
the skid-mounted TAU-1 contains how much agent?
100 gallons of AFFF
200LBS of chemical agent
the mobile TAU has the standard agent capacity of what?
AFF=80 gallons
chemical agent=100LBS
what is the water capacity, foam tank capaity, and roof and bumper turret discharge of the P-19?
how many handlines are on the P-19?
how many gallons of AFF is in the P-16A?
375 gallons
how many pounds of Halon1211 is available on the P-16A fire-fighting truck?
what is the hose/handline arrangement on the P-16A?
1) 80FT twinned hose
2) single 100FT handline
3) driver/operated turret
how/where is the AFFF solution delivered in the P-16A?
1)left-hand nozzle of the 80FT twinned-hose handline
2)100FT single line
3)driver-operated turret
how/where is the Halon1211 delivered in the P-16A?
the right-hand nozzle of the twinned-hose 80FT handline
How many people does it take to man the P-16A?
what is the tank capacities of the P-25 fire-fighting truck?
AFFF=60 gallons
water=750 gallons
3 20LB portable Halon1211 extinguishers on the RIGHT SIDE
what is inflated in the tires of the P-25?
Permafoam to an equivalent of 150PSI
when should the tires of the P-25 be replaced?
when the tire center rib tread depth is worn to 0.120in
the operator of the P-25 may adjust the flow rate of AFFF to what different settings?
1)0 GPM
2)150 GPM
3)250 GPM
4)500 GPM
what is the maxium flow rate for the turret and handline of the P-25?
what is the size of the AFFF handline on the P-25?
what is the tank capacity for the P-4?
halon1211=4 30LB portable
what is the roof and bumper turret of the P-4?
what is the handline size and circumference of the P-4?
1 1/4in
how long are the handlines of the P-19?
what is the circumference of the handlines on a P-19 fire vehicle?
1 inch
what is the flow rate of the P-19 handlines?