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What is the catapults officer primary function?
Final inspector only
Will not participate in the removal of protective devices
What life preserver is not authorized onbooard aircraft?
Mk 1 life preserver vesdt type (float coat)
When will mechanical latching of weapons be completed?
Before the engines are started
What will turbo prop a/c be turned up until they receive specific clearance from a flight deck director?
1500 shaft power SHP
During CARQUALS, the pilot shall transmit what information over the radio and when?
Side #, fuel weight, and gross weight; Report it prior to initial launch, after refueling or when pilot switch occurs
In what incredments can th weight board be changed?
500 or 1,000lbs
After arming a/c has been completed what does the ordanance supervisor signal to the pilot?
"thumbs up during the day and at night with his/her red banded wand a vertical sweep then directs the pilot to the director
Who must give permission to use the defeat interlock mode of the catapults?
Who gives the signal to the topside safety petty officer to initiate hookup for launch?
Launching officer
What is considered a hangfire?
If the catapult does not fire with in 10 seconds
How many no loads must be fired after a hanfire on the catapult?
2 successful no loads before it can be considered operational
How does a helo pilot depart, Starboard or Port?
Port and shall not cross the bow within 5 miles or the stern within 3 miles w/o permission from teh tower
For a fixed wing a/c, what condition will all neccessary staring equipment be plugged in and all personnel associated with that a/c be standing by the a/c?
Condition I
In what condition for fixed wing a/c will flight crews not be required by the a/c but in the vicinity?
Condition II
What is condition III for fixed wing a/c?
When flight crews shall be in full flight gear, briefed and standing by the ready rms equipment be near their stations
In what condition can minor maintenance be performed on the a/c for fixed wing?
Condition IV
In regards to helicopters what alert time is alloted during the following conditions
Condition I-
Condition II-
Condition III-
Condition IV-
Condition I- 5 min alert
Condition II- 15 min alert
Condition III- 30 min alert
Condition IV- 60 min alert
Helicopters experiencing lost comms should remain below what feet, arc to enter what type of pattern?
300 feet enter a delta pattern
What is a case I departure?
With weather conditions no lower than 3,000 feet and 5 nm visibilty
What is the ceiling for case II departure?
1,000ft and a visibity of 5 nm
When will the ship utilize case III departures?
During night operations or whenever existing weather at the ship is below case II
What is the minimal launch intervals between a/c?
30 seconds and 60 seconds when launching jet a/c after turbo prop
At what miles from the carrier will case II/III rendezvous and on what side?
20 and 50 nm and on the left side
At what MSL shall the carrier a/c fly?
below 18,000 feet MSL
Who maintains control for optical landing aids and flight deck lighting?
When will prifly be manned by both the air boss and the assistant air officer?
During Case III ops and night operations
How many spots are on a LHA? And on a LHD?
10 spots; 9 LHD
WHen operating a/c, the forward area consists of what spots for a LHA and LHD?
Spots 1-5 for both LHA and LHD
Where are spots 6-9 on LHA's and LHD's?
the thereafter of spots 1-5
What is the extra spot on LHA's used for; what is the name?
Intended for H-1 helicopters alos known as spot 3A
What color is is the tramline on LHA's and LHD's?
What color is the AV-8 Nozzle rotation line? Where is it located?
Yellow; on the bow
When prifly is displaying a amber rotating beacon what is that signaling?
Engage/ disengae rotors
When in Emcon what beacon would be displayed?
When the Hotel/Foxtrot at the dip flag is displayed what evolution is occuring? And what does it mean?
Setting of flight quarters ir means ship ready to conduct flight operations when wind conditions are suitable
Jet efflux from an AV-8 will exceed what temp at a distance of what from the center of the spot if it is below 10 feet?
200 degrees at 25 feet from the center
During VTOL's what is the danger zone for pesonnel?
50 all around the a/c
During STO's and ground runnings whatis the danger area?
40 feet in front of it 170 feet behind it and 55 feet out from there
When blade spreading what is the max allowable winds for helos and for H-2's?
Max winds are 45 MPH and for H-2's the conditions shall be less than 35 MPH
If the nosewheel casters are out of limits (45 degrees) What will you use to straighten them?
Tiller bar or tow bar
With a one fimger turn up what is the rpm for the AV-8 from the launch officer on a short takeoff(STO)?
RPM to 60 % (nozzles at specified STO Settings +or-3 degrees flaps 62 degrees) thumbs up, nozzles 10 degrees 25 degrees, thumbs up clear deck
When using nose to tail procedures each a/c will be lined up and launched sequentially for every what foot marks?
50 foot marks
When if ever are you not allowed to launch off of spot 1?
During night operations
During night ops the pilot places the nozzles on an AV-8 back to 10 degrees what does the launch officer do?
Shall flash a green wand 3 times
What are the signals for a wet and dry launch?
2 fingers for a dry launch and rotate the green wand ina horizontal circle with the red one NOT illuminated 5 fingers for a wet launch the green wand will be moved up and down with the red wand NOT illuminated
What light will the pilot give to the LSE when he is ready to start APU?
Red cock pit dome light on or red lens flshlight
What is the pilot what when he turns his external naviagtion lights on steady dim?
ready to start engines
How do you know which pilot has control of the helo when arriving?
When it is a right seat landing navigation lights on steady bright and when it is a left seat landing the navigation lights are on a flashing bright
When is the pilot ready to engage rotors?
external navigation lights on flashing dim
Who needs to be present before the shuttle or grab be advanced or retracted along the track and has to be inspected and found clear?
The catapult officer
What is the minimum take off air speed for launching off the bow and for waist a/c?
10-15 knots and for the waist 15 knots is recommended
This launching bulletin outlines the basic content of the various bulletins how they prepared and specs in their use?
0-10 A/C Launching Bulletin
This a/c launching bullentin provides crosswind limitations for catapult and deck launches for each a/c.
0-15 A/C Launching Bulletin
When an a/c bulletin has a Q prefix what does this mean?
Designed as war emergency bulletins
How far from the center can an EA-6B be turned when the tag lock will disengage?
56 degrees
What size is the horizontal paint marking/strip in contrasting color for the three piece shuttle spreaders?
2 1/4 " X 1/4"
What is teh max time a shuttles be allowed to remain in battery?
No more thatn 5 min
When pilot stops in the wye what signal does the director then give to the pilot?
Disengage steering
What is the max speed that an a/c will approach the buffer?
Who will maintain an extra set of the Catapult Officers wands?
The centerdeck operator
What color and type of wand does the catapult officer/catapult safety observer have?
1 red and 1 green standard
What color wand does the topside petty officer use?
1 white stubby
What color/type wands do the directors use?
2 amber standard
What color/type wands do the plane checkers use?
1 blue stubby
What color/type wands does the centerdeck operator use?
1 white stubby
What color/type wands does the deck edge operators use?
1 red standard
What color/type wands does the ordnance safety use?
2 red standard that are banded (means 2 3/4 inch bands spaced equidistant from the cone)
What color/type of wands does the JBD use?
1 whited stubby
What color/type of wands does the bow/angle safety observers have?
1 red and 1 green standard
What color/type wands does the weight board person have?
1 white stubby
How far can the catapult officer buffer aft?
Buffer aft 4-10 inches
Where are cats 1 and 2 located?
Fly 1