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Respiratory Acidosis

With compensation
pH^ HCO3^ or norm, PCO2^
(slightly norm)
Kidneys conserve HC)3 and eliminate H to increase pH
Respiratory Alkalosis

With compensation
ph^, HCO3V, PCO2V

(slightly norm) HCO3V, PCO2V
Kidneys eliminate HCO3 and conserve H, to decrease pH
Metabolic acidosis

With compensation
pH V, HCO3V, PCO2V (or norm)

Slightly pHV, HCO3V, PCO2 V
Hyperventilation to blow off excess CO2 and conserve HCO3
Metabolic Alkalosis

With compensation
ph^, HCO3^, PCO2^ or norm

pHV slightlyV or norm, HCO3^, PCO2^
Hypoventilation to ^ CO2; kidneys keep H and excrete HCO3
Respiratory acidosis
Asphyvia, respiratory depression, CNS depression
Hyperventilation, anxiety, PE (causing hyperventilation)
Metabolic Acidosis
Diarrhea, renal falure, salicylate overdose such as ASA (aspirin)
Metabolic alkalosis
Hypercalcemia, overdose on an alkaline substance such as antacid